Gomtuu cross section

A cross-section of Gomtuu scanned by the Vega Nine probe

The Vega Nine probe was a deep space probe that was sent out by Starfleet to investigate the Beta Stromgren supernova explosion.

In 2366, the probe had reached the Beta Stromgren system in Sector 25434. This system was located twenty-three parsecs beyond the farthest manned explorations, where it discovered an unknown lifeform in close orbit around Beta Stromgren.

In a follow up mission, conducted by the USS Enterprise-D, the ship received relayed sensor and visual data from the Vega Nine probe. Captain Picard later wanted Data to coordinate with Life Sciences and Engineering during their collection of data on the lifeform, via the ship's long-range sensors and through queries with the probe. (TNG: "Tin Man")

The probe was also once referred to simply as the Vega probe in the episode.
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