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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Discovery, and thus may contain spoilers.

Doctor Vellek was a Romulan who served in the military of the Romulan Star Empire during the 24th century. He was reputed to be among the greatest scientists of his age.

In 2369, Vellek was assigned to a Romulan vessel that observed, under cloak, the USS Enterprise-D investigating a genetic puzzle left behind by the ancient Progenitors. He was part of the landing party on Vilmor II that attempted to collect the final piece of the puzzle, and witnessed a recorded message from a Progenitor explaining their role in the evolution of all humanoid species in the galaxy. (TNG: "The Chase")

Vellek went on to join five other scientists in studying the Progenitors. The teame included Jinall Bix of the Trill, Terran Dr. Carmen Cho, Hitoroshi Kreel of Denobula, and Marina Derex of Betazed. Eventually, they discovered the technology the Progenitors used to create life. After one of their group died attempting to activate it, the remaining five decided to keep its location secret, lest it fall into the wrong hands. They each took a piece of a map containing the technology's whereabouts, so that they could guide others to it when the time was right. Vellek hid his piece in the Promellian necropolis on Lyrek. (DIS: "Jinaal", "Whistlespeak")

When his vessel sustained critical damage circa 2391, Vellek feared that his knowledge of the Progenitors would be lost. He placed his diary with his findings inside a tan zhekran secured in a vault, and transmitted a distress call with a clue to his piece of the map, though the message was partially garbled and could not be followed up on at the time. He ultimately perished in his quarters.

In 3191, Vellek's science ship was rediscovered, and the USS Discovery was dispatched on a Red Directive mission to retrieve the Progenitor data. However, they found that Vellek's diary had already been taken by couriers Moll and L'ak. (DIS: "Red Directive")

Vellek's name later appeared crossed out on a list that Dr. Kovich gave to Burnham after discovering the names of the scientists that had hidden the Progenitors' technology. (DIS: "Whistlespeak")

Vellek was played by an unknown performer in "The Chase" and Michael Copeman in "Red Directive".

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