Veylo was a female Vissian. She served as tactical officer on a Vissian starship.

In 2153, Veylo was part of a delegation of Vissians who came aboard Enterprise NX-01 as part of a cultural exchange. She met Malcolm Reed while dining in the Enterprise mess hall with Commander Tucker. Reed hit it off with her, finding commonality in the fact that both were tactical officers. He gave her a tour of the ship. Veylo and Reed became romantically attracted to each other, but the relationship ended when the Vissians left Enterprise due to Tucker meddling with a cogenitor, a third party used by the Vissians for breeding purposes. (ENT: "Cogenitor")

Veylo was played by Laura Interval.
In the final draft script of "Cogenitor", Veylo was commonly referred to as "Vissian Woman #2" and was described as "attractive". The character was to have featured in an ultimately excised scene in which she and Reed bid each other farewell. It was established in dialogue from that scene that, together with Reed, Veylo had reviewed Enterprise's tactical alert protocols and had dinner on two consecutive days. Veylo admitted to having enjoyed the former activity and predicted they would "see each other again," which Reed acknowledged he would like to happen. Veylo then left Enterprise.
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