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Vincent Niebla (born 1972; age ~48) is a visual effects artist specialized in sculpting who worked under Michael Westmore during the production of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He also worked on Star Trek: First Contact and Star Trek Nemesis. Niebla's main job was sculpting heads that would be used to make molds for the foam latex makeup appliances.

Niebla sculpted the fire sculptor's head for the TNG episode "Cost of Living". For DS9, he sculpted the heads of both Tosk and Morn, his work on the latter earned him an Emmy Award in 1993 for the episode "Captive Pursuit" which he shared with Michael Westmore, Jill Rockow, Karen Westerfield, Gilbert A. Mosko, Dean Jones, Michael Key, and Craig Reardon.

For Star Trek: First Contact, Niebla painted Borg costumes, sculpted Borg arms, and co-sculpted the helmets of the space suits worn by the Enterprise-E crew for Todd Masters Effects. He also painted the Romulan senator's disintegrating heads seen in Star Trek: Nemesis for Steve Johnson's XFX. [1]

Beside his work on Star Trek, Niebla worked as sculptor and painter on the crime drama Jennifer Eight (1992), the video game adaptation Super Mario Bros. (1993), the action film True Lies (1994), the fantasy film Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995), the comedy Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (1995), the fantasy comedy Theodore Rex (1995), the sport comedy Happy Gilmore (1996), the science fiction thriller The Arrival (1996), episodes of Dark Skies (1996) and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1996), the horror comedy Bordello of Blood (1996), the fantasy comedy The Sixth Man (1997), the horror film Deep Rising (1998), the crime drama Fight Club (1999), the drama Magnolia (1999), the action comedy Charlie's Angels (2000), the television mini series Rose Red (2002), the comic adaptation Blade II (2002), and the horror thriller Dreamcatcher (2003).

More recently, Niebla worked as stereographer for Legend 3D on the animated feature films Shrek 2 (2004) and Shrek the Third (2007), the fantasy adventure Alice in Wonderland (2010), the action comedy The Green Hornet (2011), the fantasy sequel Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011), the science fiction sequel Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011), the comic adaptation The Smurfs (2011), and the Academy Award winning adventure Hugo (2011).

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