Doctor Voje was a young Dinaali who worked on Hospital Ship 4-2 run by Administrator Chellick on Level Red, which was for low priority patients. He was compassionate and disagreed with the way the hospital was operated.

When The Doctor's matrix was stolen and sold to Chellick, Voje explained to him that the patients on Level Blue received the best treatment because of their high treatment coefficient. He helped The Doctor secure treatment for the low-level patients by giving treatment that Chellick refused to give them.

After The Doctor was placed on Level Blue, Voje helped him sneak back to Level Red, where they administered drugs that The Doctor had stolen from Level Blue. He then helped extort Chellick into giving all patients the proper care by giving Tebbis's virus to Chellick, who would have died if he did not cooperate. (VOY: "Critical Care")

Voje was played by actor Paul Scherrer.