Volnoth was a male Acamarian Gatherer and a member of Clan Lornak. His parents were Romybur Lor and Laurhafr Lor.

He was born in Vogt Public Health Clinic, Mesrop Village within Molnar City. On Volnoth, there were no records on his schooling; however, police records have him associating with Gatherers as a child. When he reached the Age of Majority, he fled Acamar for the group's outposts.

He was present in the outpost on Gamma Hromi II in 2366, during the first negotiations between the Gatherers under Brull and Sovereign Marouk with the crew of the Federation starship USS Enterprise-D. Volnoth unexpectedly died due to a microvirus planted by Yuta, a member of the clan Tralesta who was with Marouk. It was in vengeance for the Tralesta Massacre. The cause of death eluded the Enterprise until later during the final negotiations. With Volnoth's death, the last surviving Lornak was the Gatherer leader Chorgan. (TNG: "The Vengeance Factor")

Volnoth was played by Marc Lawrence.
In the ending credits, his name was spelled as "Volnath."
Part of actor Marc Lawrence's costume was an actual, original Romulan tunic from TOS. During the 1990s, the Smithsonian Institution publicly displayed an array of Star Trek costumes, one of which was Volnoth's tunic.
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