Vorin was a male Boraalan historian in the 24th century. He chronicled the history of his village on Boraal II.

Vorin was part of a village which Nikolai Rozhenko came and rescued from the increasingly violent storms on the planet due to atmospheric dissipation, fleeing to nearby caves. He, along with the rest of the villagers, were initially unaware that they were transported from there to the USS Enterprise-D's holodeck which was programmed to resemble Boraal II. He traveled with them to a "far away" area which was really a recreation of Vacca VI, to which the ship was headed. He was skeptical of Nikolai and his brother Worf, but took their word.

Unfortunately, when he was separated from the others, he accidentally left the holodeck and discovered that he was actually aboard a starship. Vorin was given the option of remaining with the Enterprise-D crew or returning to the other villagers but never telling them what he'd seen. Unable to cope with this decision, he performed ritual suicide. Nikolai Rozhenko, who remained with the Boraalans in disguise, later took over as the new village chronicler. (TNG: "Homeward")

Vorin was played by Brian Markinson.
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