Vrax was a member of the Romulan Senate in the 22nd century. A former colleague of his, Valdore, once considered him a friend prior to Valdore's expulsion from the Senate.

In 2154, Vrax supported the then-Admiral Valdore's plan to use a drone ship to destabilize interstellar relations between the Andorians, Tellarites, and other races.

When the drone ship was heavily damaged and left defenseless by a Rigellian scoutship, Vrax displayed concern that if the Vulcans were to capture the prototype drone ship, they would be able to trace the propulsion matrix back to the Romulans as the drone ship was a heavily modified warbird. Although Valdore assured Vrax that the ship would not be captured by anyone, Vrax warned Valdore that if the project failed, the senator would not be the one paying for the failure. He reinforced this message with his imposing Reman bodyguards.

Senator Vrax's two Reman bodyguards

After the drone ship was compromised by two members of the Enterprise crew, Vrax was informed through unspecified "sources" as to the developments and again visited the admiral in order to lay witness to the destruction of the Earth ship. The drone ship failed to destroy Enterprise, but was nonetheless able to evade capture or destruction. (ENT: "United")

Following these events, Tellarites and Andorians formed an alliance for the first time, causing Vrax immense concern as Valdore's mission was now having the opposite effect. Fearing for his own safety, Vrax began to believe his support of Valdore's plan was now a mistake and that Valdore's failures had severely weakened his position in the Senate.

The mission would ultimately fail completely as Enterprise was able to destroy the drone ships with the assistance of two Aenar, leaving both Valdore and Vrax at the mercy of the Romulan Senate. (ENT: "The Aenar")

Vrax was played by actor Geno Silva.
In the final draft script of "United", Vrax was described as "a brilliant, calculating Romulan."
A deleted scene from "The Aenar", available on the ENT Season 4 DVD, revealed that both Vrax and Valdore were placed under arrest because of Valdore's failure. They were taken into custody by the Remans which had previously been Vrax's bodyguards.

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