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Vulcan Learning Center

Interior of the Vulcan Learning Center

The Vulcan Learning Center was an educational site on Vulcan. There, Vulcan children stood in skill domes that displayed information, and would answer automated questions.

As a young boy in the alternate reality, Spock attended the Center. During his time there, he was the target of a group of bullies who sought to elicit an emotional response from him. When the bullies succeeded, at the thirty-fifth attempt, Spock pushed one of them into a learning pit and physically assaulted him. (Star Trek)

Michael Burnham also attended the Vulcan Learning Center while a ward of Sarek. As of 2249, she was the only Human to have ever done so. After Burnham began studying at the Center, the logic extremists attempted to kill her by bombing the facility. (DIS: "The Vulcan Hello", "Battle at the Binary Stars", "Lethe")

For Star Trek, a skill dome was constructed as a set against a green screen backdrop. (Star Trek gag reel)
The Vulcan Learning Center is the first instance of an element being introduced in the alternate reality before appearing in the prime timeline.