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The Vulcan cruiser was a type of small starship used by the Vulcans in the 23rd century for both private and official business. Capable of landing on a planetary surface, it was common on Vulcan in the 2250s.


When Michael Burnham ran away from home as a child, she was rescued by a Vulcan cruiser. (DIS: "If Memory Serves")

In 2249, several cruisers were parked and taking off from a building on Vulcan, when Sarek spoke with the Director of the Vulcan Expeditionary Group.

In 2256, a Vulcan cruiser was to ferry Sarek to a secret meeting with the Klingons on Cancri IV. However, the ship was disabled and stranded inside the Yridia Nebula by V'Latak's sabotage. (DIS: "Lethe")

A Vulcan cruiser of this type was parked on a Paris rooftop near the United Federation of Planets building where Michael Burnham spoke with Amanda Grayson in 2257. (DIS: "Will You Take My Hand?")

Burnham observed several cruisers in the city skies on Vulcan as she approached Ambassador Sarek's residence in 2257. (DIS: "Light and Shadows")

Mirror universe

In the mirror universe, Vulcan cruisers were used by Vulcan rebels fighting the Terran Empire. A cruiser attacked the USS Discovery after it entered the mirror universe, before being driven off by the ISS Cooper. (DIS: "Despite Yourself")

Technical data

Vulcan city air traffic 2257

Cruiser traffic above a Vulcan city.

Used for both suborbital and interstellar transport, cruisers featured a U-shaped version of the warp ring common to Vulcan starship design. The external access hatch was located at the rear, providing access to a simple standing cockpit for two without apparent seating.

The cockpit was additionally equipped holographic displays, internal force fields, and access to the ship's transponder. (DIS: "Lethe")

Ships of the class




Background information

Sareks Vulcan Cruiser

Sarek's cruiser.

Before Sarek's cruiser reveals any identifying information in "Point of Light", Burnham is quick to visually recognize the ship as Sarek's - implying there may be exterior visual differences between cruisers.

The Star Trek: Discovery The Official Starships Collection artwork identified this type of vessel as a "Vulcan Corvette" before later amending the name to Solkar-class cruiser, presumably named after Solkar, Vulcan's first ambassador to Earth [1] and is called the T'Pau scout ship in Star Trek Online.

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