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The military forces of the Vulcan High Command maintained a rank structure roughly equivalent to that of the Starfleet. (ENT: "Broken Bow")

Fleet commander

Fleet commanders reported directly to the High Command. They oversaw and commanded fleet engagements. (ENT: "Kir'Shara")


Captain was the rank commonly held by Vulcan starship commanders and other senior officers. (ENT: "Breaking the Ice", "Stigma") In the 1950s, Vulcan ship captains wore an angular-swirl insignia mirrored on the left and right collar, and additional dark striping from other officers on their uniform. (ENT: "Carbon Creek")

By 2151, Vulcan captains wore a single rank pin on their left collar. (ENT: "Breaking the Ice")

The It's A Wrap! sale and auction included several sets of Vulcan captain insignia, some with the accompanying uniform. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]


Sub-commander insignia (2151)

Sub-commander was a rank subordinate to a Vulcan captain. In dealing with Starfleet, a sub-commander was considered above the rank of commander and below the rank of captain. (ENT: "Broken Bow")


Major Talok (2154)

Major was a rank held by senior Vulcan field agents. (ENT: "Kir'Shara")


Subaltern was a rank that existed sometime before 2375. (VOY: "Infinite Regress")


A sublieutenant (2154)

Sublieutenants were junior officers of the High Command. A sublieutenant manned a security post outside Administrator V'Las' office. (ENT: "Kir'Shara")

The sublieutenant in "Kir'Shara" did not wear rank insignia.

Background information

The Vulcan rank system seems to have been similar to Romulan ranks, including the use of sub-commander and sublieutenant.

The ranks of commander and lieutenant have never been referenced on-screen.