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The following is a list of Vulcan starship classes, including shuttles and low altitude aircraft.

Class Name Type Century
Apollo-class Explorer ship / Freighter / Transport 24th century
Cruiser Cruiser 23rd century
Cruiser Cruiser 32nd century
D'kyr-type Combat cruiser 22nd century
D'Vahl-type Survey ship / Patrol ship 20th-22nd centuries
Desert flyer Transport 23rd century
Long range shuttle Courier ship 23rd century
Maymora-class Unknown 22nd century
Patrol craft Aircraft 22nd century
Shuttle Shuttlecraft 22nd century
Ship Unknown 23rd century
Ship Unknown 23rd century
Survey ship Survey ship 20th century
Suurok-class Science vessel / Combat cruiser 22nd century
T'Plana-Hath-type Surveyor 21st century
Vahklas-type Transport / Cruiser 22nd century