The atrium at WSA

WSA was a school for children on Earth in the 2380s. In 2385, students there included Kima and Lil, overseen by a Vulcan principal. Classes included Mrs. K's stellar cartography, and level 6 life sciences.

WSA students that resided in a dormitory in San Francisco utilized the E01 WSA school shuttle stop to get to school.

The atrium provided a place for students to gather before class or interact with a school secretary, with holographic displays featuring inspirational messaging and class schedules. The school also featured halls lined with student lockers, multiple science laboratorys, and a library of paper books.

Following the Attack on Mars on First Contact Day 2385, students and teachers rushed from their classrooms to the atrium to watch the holo-news coverage. (ST: "Children of Mars")

Scenes for "Children of Mars", including the school's central hall and library, were filmed at the Daniels building at the University of Toronto. [1]


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