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Walter Tabayoyong (born 7 February 1975; age 45) is an actor, photographer, and graphic designer who appeared as an alien slave miner in the Star Trek: Enterprise third season episode "The Xindi". He received no credit for this appearance but was identified by the call sheet for his day of filming, Tuesday 1 July 2003. He is listed as "Miner with just airbrush" on the call sheet and filmed his scenes on Paramount Stage 9. [1]

Tabayoyong started acting at the age of eight when he worked as stand-in on the thriller Bad Boys (1983, with Clancy Brown and Alan Ruck) and on the comedy Sixteen Candles (1984, with Paul Dooley). He also lent his voice to the comedy Meet the Parents (1992).

Tabayoyong went into the graphic design and worked as web designer on the musical Could Be Worse! (2000) and on the comedy New Suit (2002, with Benito Martinez and Charles Rocket). His work as graphics designer can be seen in episodes of Family Affair (2003), Phil of the Future (2004), and 90210 (2008, with Ryan Eggold), the action comedy Homo Erectus (2007), the sequel High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008, with Robert Curtis Brown and Katie Cockrell), the comedy Endless Bummer (2009), the crime thriller Trust (2010, with Brandon Molale and Nicole Forester), the comedy Overnight (2012, with Claudia Christian, Sufe Bradshaw, and Kevin Rahm), the short science fiction comedy Terminate Her (2014), and the short crime drama 20 Minutes Late (2015).

In 2014, he also worked as executive producer on the short projects Emotions, Old Wounds, and Limits, all three directed by Isaiah Shinn. As a professional photographer, Tabayoyong worked as still photographer on the short drama Gillery's Little Secret (2006), the short thriller Simone (2009), the documentary Na Nai'a: Legend of the Dolphins (2011, co-narrated by Whoopi Goldberg), the drama Pretty Rosebud (2014), the television comedy It Only Happens with Rose (2014), the short projects The Scuttlebutt Assassins (2015) and 20 Minutes Late (2015), episodes of KodeOrange: Los Angeles (2015, with Peipei Yuan) and Exe on Entertainment (2016), and the crime thriller Bird (2017). In addition, he has worked as photographer for Playboy Magazine, Face Magazine, Coca-Cola, Jockey Underwear, and Hugo Boss. [2]

Tabayoyong also worked as an actor and appeared in the action film For a Fistful of Diamonds (2009), episodes of Jon Benjamin Has a Van (2011) and Marry Me (2014, with Mike Hagerty), the mystery film The Song (2015), the short comedy Big Birdman (2015), the crime drama Secret in Their Eyes (2015, with Dennis Keiffer, Laurence Rosenthal, Carrick O'Quinn, C.C. Taylor, and Teebone Mitchell), and the short comedy The Venician (2016).

More recent projects include an episode of MacGyver (2016), the short comedy Whacksaw Fridge (2017), the crime drama Diverted Eden (2017, with Manu Intiraymi and Kevin Indio Copeland), and the action drama Warfighter (2018).

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