Warp core breach

For the catastrophic event, please see warp core breach.

A warp core breach was a beverage served in Quark's on Deep Space 9. The drink was prepared in what looked like a large fishbowl and effervesced, emitting a large amount of foggy gas from the mouth of the bowl.

In 2374, Quark began to prepare one for Julian Bashir after he mentioned that he felt tense, stating that one sip of it and the Doctor would be relaxed for the next three days. After one look at the bowl overflowing with fog Bashir decided he wasn't that tense, and Quark never got around to adding the rest of the ingredients. (DS9: "His Way")

At "Quark's Bar" in the Star Trek: The Experience exhibit at the Las Vegas Hilton, there was an actual Warp Core Breach on the menu. A variant of Flaming Volcano, it is designed to be consumed by two or more people and consisted of ten ounces of flavored rums, Razzmatazz, fruit juices and 'dry-ice'. The drink was actually created for the Experience. (Trekkers: Stories by Fans for Fans p 73)

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