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USS Voyager ejecting the warp core

The USS Enterprise-E's ejected warp core

The warp core ejection system was a system aboard warp-capable vessels designed to eject the warp core in the event of a warp core breach in order to prevent the destruction of the ship.

Activation of the ejection system typically required security clearance by the chief engineer or a senior officer. This tactic is generally considered to be a last ditch effort to save a ship during a crisis situation and is often unreliable at best.

In the alternate reality of 2258, the USS Enterprise ejected and detonated several of its warp cores in order to boost the ship out of the gravitational pull of a black hole created with red matter. (Star Trek)

In 2368, the Romulan Star Empire experimented with an interphase generator on board a science vessel. The experiment went wrong and destroyed their graviton generator and resonator coil causing a warp core breach. The USS Enterprise-D crew and the Romulans ejected the core, but Parem, Geordi, and Ensign Ro got phased. The situation was resolved when Data creates an Anyon field and returns Geordi and Ensign Ro to normal with Geordi ordering Engineering to stop the power transfer and to shut down the engines before the muon wave causes a warp core breach. (TNG: "The Next Phase")

In early 2372, the USS Defiant's ejection system failed after a power surge triggered a core breach. The excess power was eventually drained via the deflector array, averting the breach. (DS9: "The Visitor")

Also in 2372, the True Way sabotaged the USS Orinoco by removing the warp core ejection system, leaving the crew unable to stop a warp core breach which later destroyed the vessel. (DS9: "Our Man Bashir")

The USS Enterprise-E ejected its warp core in 2375 to seal a subspace tear created by a isolytic burst. (Star Trek: Insurrection)

USS Voyager's warp core was ejected on several occasions:

In 2377, the Delta Flyer ejected its core, after problems with the ejection subroutines, to avert an antimatter explosion from destroying the Antarian Trans-stellar Rally. (VOY: "Drive")


Activation of the ejection system usually involved a voice command to the computer, however the core could also be ejected through an engineering station. (VOY: "Cathexis")

The voice command syntax for ejecting the warp core had a standard structure and required an authorization code. (VOY: "Day of Honor", "Renaissance Man", "Course: Oblivion")

"Computer, prepare to eject the warp core, authorization {authorization code, e.g. "Torres omega 539"})."

The computer would respond by saying:

"Warp ejection systems enabled."

Then a final command would be necessary to eject the core.

"Computer, eject the warp core."