"All of our evidence shows that you were a war criminal."
"Evidence? What evidence? Like this, for example?! Triple-armored hull, thirty torpedo tubes, twenty-five phaser banks?! This isn't what our ship looked like!

The warship Voyager was an incorrect Kyrian reconstruction of the USS Voyager, based on badly corroded schematics found in the Cyrik Ocean and an extremely biased perception of Voyager and her crew. It played a prominent role in The Voyager Encounter, a holographic simulation in the Museum of Kyrian Heritage, which depicted Voyager's biogenic attacks on the Kyrians at the start of the Great War. Quarren was aware that it would not be entirely accurate, but he only became aware of how much he had got wrong after he activated a backup copy of The Doctor, who debunked the inaccurate history the simulation taught by bringing the true course of events on Voyager to light.

The starship featured:

The Kyrians claimed that the warship Voyager was captained by a cold and merciless Captain Kathryn Janeway, its crew were extremely violent, even to each other and insubordination was both common and never officially dealt with. The crew had no objections to massacring entire planets and Janeway was shown to be impatient when fatalities were not rapid enough. (VOY: "Living Witness")

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