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With time running out to save the future, Picard takes matters into his own hands and seeks out an old friend for help. Meanwhile, Rios ends up on the wrong side of the law and Jurati makes a deal with the Borg Queen.



Picard trying to contact his crew

Picard attempts to make contact with the others

Aboard the crashed CSS La Sirena, Picard tries to contact Rios or Musiker. Meanwhile, Musiker and Seven investigate the aftermath of the ICE raid at Clinica Las Mariposas. Gabi walks in from another room and tells them the clinic is closed, but Seven explains they were looking for their friend. She tells her that Rios and Teresa were both arrested. Unable to make contact without relays, Picard suggests finding a place to build a fire and activates the ship's cloaking device. They enter the nearby house – Château Picard, which appears to have been abandoned for a century: when Picard had brought the ship "home", he had aimed for the forest outside La Barre, near his family's property. Picard explains that the Nazis used the house as a base of operations when they occupied France during World War II, and his ancestors had hid in the tunnels below the château before making their escape to England. It remained in the family, under various caretakers, but the Picards did not reside in it for generations. As he runs his fingers along an old end table, he recalls a childhood memory of seeking out his mother in the house.


A pattern of 15

After lighting a fire in a fireplace, Picard tells Jurati they need to find out what else she stole from the Borg Queen's mind, but first, Jurati needs rest. The doctor replies, as she fiddles with an abacus nearby, that thinking was her rest, commenting on the relaxing nature of calculus. Picard remembers that his mother used to play Édith Piaf's "Non, je ne regrette rien" to calm him down. Jurati looks around for a drink, finding a bottle of pinot noir among the ruins, asking if Picard had a corkscrew on him. Picard sees the label and comes to a realization: Jurati moved fifteen beads on the abacus, pulled the fifteenth volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica from the shelf, and the year on the bottle is 1915. The number fifteen seems to factor into their mission somehow; they realize it could be a date, and Picard asks if the ship's chronometer showed the date exactly when they landed. Jurati recalls that it was on the twelfth of April, 2024, which means something would occur on the fifteenth – three days before their future changes irrevocably.

Act One[]

Metro Local

A Metro Local bus.

Riding a bus in Los Angeles, Musiker and Seven listen as a middle-aged man with a mohawk plays a loud song on his boom box. When an annoyed Seven asks him to turn off the noise, the man (recalling a similar request thirty-eight years earlier) quickly turns his boom box off, apologetically explaining he just liked the song. As the noise abates, Musiker expresses the thought that they should have waited in their alternate future and come up with a comprehensive plan before making the jump. Seven notes there had not been "a lot of runways". Seven can see Musiker is still distraught about Elnor, whom Musiker insists they would get back if they fixed the timeline, and reassures her that his death was not her fault.

Mohawk Punk on Bus, 2024

far more apologetic than last time

Back on La Sirena, Picard is preparing to beam into Los Angeles himself; as they couldn't contact the others, he was going to find the "Watcher" before time ran out. The Borg Queen stares with a smug smile at Jurati all throughout their preparations. Jurati offers to go with him, but Picard tells her she was needed on the ship, to try and boost communications and ensure the transporters could get them back. As Jurati beams Picard out, the Queen mocks her as being treated like an "afterthought"… but not to her, who can see Jurati is more than she appears to be: "Smart, cunning, and remarkably more cruel than I could have predicted." Jurati asks how she was "cruel", and the Queen replies that she had fixed her only to take what she needed, leaving her powerless but now awake to feel it. As Jurati leaves her to her "plotting, or whatever it is Borg Queens do," the Queen notes that Jurati had felt the same thing she had, which the Borg had so many words for: assimilation, cooperation… connection.

10 Forward Avenue

Outside a familiar place

Picard materializes right outside of 10 Forward Avenue, a place with which he was familiar. He enters the empty bar and finds a bottle of Saurian brandy in a milk crate; as he moves to open it, the barkeep – whom he recognizes as a younger Guinan – interrupts, telling him the bar is closed. She offers him some "advice": walk back out the door, and she won't have to have him on her or "Luna's" conscience. Luna is revealed to be a pit bull, but Picard, familiar with the breed, is able to get the dog to sit and stay. He apologizes, thinking that 10 Forward was always open; Guinan says that if he was here to drink, he was late, but if he was here to loot, he was early – the bar was closing down. She notes he was older than her "usual" thieves, asking if he hasn't settled into retirement yet. Picard ruefully admits he's tried, but that afternoon naps and jigsaw puzzles were "not quite his speed". He tells her that he needs her help, which she refuses, saying she didn't "help". He persists that he had something important to tell her, and he knew how valuable listening could be… as an El-Aurian. Guinan pulls a shotgun from under the bar and points it right at Picard's head. "Who the hell are you, old man?" she demands of him.

Act Two[]

Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters

Outside Police HQ.

Musiker and Seven approach the Los Angeles Police Department looking for Rios; Musiker begins to get in the desk sergeant's face, but Seven pulls her back and says they will wait outside of her "personal space". Seven politely thanks the officer for her service as they walk away. As they sit down, a man turns to them and tells them that LAPD won't have ICE detainees in their system, and that they had to go to the ICE offices to find who they were looking for.

ICE holding cell, 2024

Inside the detention facility.

Meanwhile, Rios and Teresa are booked by ICE, and placed in holding cells. An ICE officer enters and holds out transfer papers to one of the other detainees, who simply stares back. When the ICE officer becomes confrontational, Rios steps in, commenting on how giving someone a uniform and a badge gave them power; he is shocked with a taser and left convulsing for a moment on the floor in response. As he regains enough balance to sit down, Rios wonders aloud why the past had to hurt so much, pounding his good hand on his knee in frustration. Teresa, in the next cell, tells him that if he dislocates his other hand, she would have to start charging, and asks why he didn't run away. Rios replies he did, but elected to run back. She admits she is trying to figure out the "brave-or-stupid conundrum", and Rios jokes that if she figures it out, to call his late mother. She asks who he is really, and he answers that he was just a "Good Samaritan" passing through.

Back at 10 Forward Avenue, Guinan remarks that she can count on one hand how many times she's been identified by her species while she's been on Earth, and asks where Picard is from. He answers that he is from France, but Guinan doesn't buy it; anyone who knows what an El-Aurian is would not be coming from "around here, planetarily speaking". She sees that Luna has taken to him, and comments on how she usually didn't like strangers; Picard replies that it was because she knew he was no threat. Guinan finally shrugs, telling him whether he stayed or left, she was closing the doors of the bar for good. Picard believes that his finding her at the moment she was about to leave meant that he was in the right place. He tells her he had three days to try and stop a critical event, and Guinan sarcastically wishes him luck with that. However, he regains her attention when he mentions a "Watcher". As she begins to deny it, a man walks in, asking if he was early. Kneeling down next to Luna, she tells the dog it was time to go with her "Uncle Dale", and hands Dale a basket before they leave.

Once Dale and Luna are gone, Guinan explains the troubles of the planet, how Humanity was killing it, how "truth is whatever you want it to be", and how a few people with the resources to change it refuse to do so because they fear having less. She tearfully notes how they had only "one tiny ball" in the galaxy, and all they wanted to do is fight. She has given them long enough, and now she wants to leave Earth. Picard, recalling the conversation he had had with Guinan in that very bar nearly four hundred years later, tells her it was not too late. "The problem isn't time," he says. "It's you." Guinan stares at him in surprise for a moment, and then becomes physically ill, vomiting on the floor. Picard recognizes she is suffering from Af-Kelt, or "time sickness", a condition that affects El-Aurians when the timeline has been changed; he tells her that he was repeating what she would tell him long from now in the future. Guinan thinks leaving the planet will give her distance from it, but Picard reminds her that distance offered no protection from time. There was a wrong that Picard had to correct… something only Guinan could help him do.

Act Three[]

At LAPD Headquarters, Seven follows an irate Musiker into the parking lot. Musiker is hoping to find where Rios is being held so that they could get back to the work of repairing the timeline, and begins scoping the LAPD's police cruisers. Seven is incredulous, wondering how good an idea it was to break into a vehicle of an agency that investigated theft. Musiker's plan is to simply break into one and use its computer to find their information, which Seven thinks is no better. To her added annoyance, Musiker is carrying her phaser when they had agreed not to bring phasers with them; Musiker nonchalantly says she had no idea how it got there. Seven tells her that her brains seemed to be in her fists, meaning she was not thinking clearly. Musiker vaporizes the window of the cruiser to get inside, and uses her tricorder to turn the car on and access its computer. Seven heatedly asks how she could use the tricorder to do that, but not unlock it; Musiker admits she could have, but her way was more fun. She is able to access computer records, and is horrified to see so many matching Rios and Teresa's description in the system, before seeing that ICE had a processing center twenty-five miles northwest of Los Angeles. Musiker tries to contact La Sirena, at first getting no response, before Jurati speaks up. Musiker explains they were traveling to a place called Castaic to find Rios, and gives the coordinates. Jurati tries to beam them over, but power has failed again. She is also unable to contact Picard despite the comms boost. With no option, Seven is forced to drive the stolen police car through Los Angeles' streets, while Jurati tries to bring the transporters back online; even if she couldn't beam them directly to their destination, it would need to be on standby once they found Rios. The Queen gets Jurati's attention, and the doctor reluctantly tells them to stand by, as she had someone to assist them.

Meanwhile, at 10 Forward Avenue, Guinan summarizes what Picard has told her – that he is from the future, but time has been altered, and his future is "A-OK" while the one he was trying to prevent was "Hell on Earth". Yet for all that, she notes he hasn't even told her his name. Picard explains he was trying not to change her path, and insists that whatever she was watching over was vital to the future of Humanity. Guinan tells him she was no Watcher, and as for Humanity, she draws his attention to the homeless people, forced to rely on charity to get by. Picard insists Humankind can change with patience, but Guinan tells him that only people who looked like Picard, rather than being dark-skinned like her, had the luxury of having patience in this time. As she places a tub of donations on the table for the nearby charity, she tells Picard she had seen that Earth had more potential than she imagined, but the hatred there never ended. She says that in the 21st century, hatred took off its hoods and put on suits instead. Picard told her that change was coming, but it was "too damn slow" in her view, and the cost too high, and admits being forced to watch it hurt her. Picard believes that history's darkest moments were tipping points for change, but Guinan remains pessimistic, saying that it would not tip soon enough. He pleads with her to stay at least a few more days.

In the ICE detention center, Teresa tells Rios that she did not spend six years in medical school just to watch her neighbors die because they were too afraid to go to a hospital, and admits she opened her clinic because she was a "control freak". Rios tells her where he comes from, she would be a hero; when she asks where, he is silent, not willing to give away too much. She then asks if he knew what would happen to him. He replies he does not, and asks if she does; she admits she is not sure either. She confesses to having a healthy fear of authority, but Rios points out that it did not seem to be the case when people needed help. Teresa attributes that to selfishness, that she felt the need to be needed. Just then, the ICE officer who tased Rios enters, with discharge papers for Teresa. Rios thanks her for her help, and Teresa keeps an offer of further aid open if he needs it. The ICE officer then asks for Rios' identity. Motivated either by frustration or the thought the officer won't believe him, Rios throws caution to the wind and identifies himself as commanding officer of the USS Stargazer, and that he was here to stop a change in time. The ICE officer just chuckles and walks away.

Act Four[]

Seven and Musiker continue their wild ride through the streets of Los Angeles, with Seven remarking that she was not the worst driver on the roads. When they come to a traffic light turning red, Musiker insists that means they had to stop, but Seven keeps on going, narrowly avoiding crashing into a UPS truck. Seven tells Musiker that if she kills someone, she would blame Musiker for it; Musiker sarcastically suggests not aiming for them, in that case. Meanwhile, Rios is placed on a prison transport bus, and the ICE officer tells him that the end of the line will be the end of life as he knew it, before mockingly bidding goodbye to the "captain".

Back on La Sirena, Jurati goes to the Queen to help speed up repairing the ship's systems. Recalcitrant, the Queen forces Jurati to persuade her, only to threaten the "trusting" angle of her argument. She compares Jurati to the brightest peacock yet so afraid to shine, which was why she was constantly alone. Jurati retorts that the Queen was cut off from the hive, and had to engage in slow conversation with her just to have someone to talk to, adding that she would not be so chatty if something happened to her friends. When the Queen asks what she would get in return for her help, Jurati offers herself: she has the Queen's thoughts in her mind after their connection, and both disliked being alone, so she offers to exchange "sad sack stories in between pressing catastrophes". The Queen appears intrigued.

The prison bus with Rios is making its way to its destination. In Los Angeles, Musiker sees Rios' file has been updated, and that he is being moved to a Sanctuary District on the US-Mexico border. Musiker asks if Jurati has the transporters up, and the doctor confirms she is almost ready to commence beaming. But the LAPD have caught up with them, and Seven evades them the best she can while Jurati prepares to beam them to Rios' location. Jurati warns Seven that she was about to ask her to do something counterintuitive: hit the brakes. Seven is incredulous, as the police were all around them, but Jurati insists she trust her. Seven brings the stolen police car to a stop, and the police are on them with their guns drawn, demanding they step out of the car. As one officer watches, however, Seven and Musiker disappear right in front of her, beamed away by Jurati. The car is now empty, and Seven and Musiker are standing on a hill overlooking the highway where Rios' bus is approaching, coming fast. Back on the ship, Jurati is again looking away from the Queen, who begins calling her name; Jurati has limited her access again, and moves quickly away from her, even as the Queen begins shouting.

Outside 10 Forward Avenue, Guinan has finished her donations, and is now preparing to leave. Picard pleads with her for help, but Guinan is adamant that she is not the Watcher he seeks. Finally, he takes a gamble and identifies himself to her, saying that four hundred years from then, she would be his oldest and dearest friend. The name "Picard" gets Guinan's attention, and she tells him to get into her car. Guinan explains that he was actually looking for a supervisor, also called a Watcher, who was assigned to watch over the destiny of certain individuals; she admits the specifics were vague, as they were not big on explanations. However, she will be able to get Picard a "sort of" face-to-face meeting; when he asks about the "sort of", all Guinan can say is that the Watcher will want to meet with him.

MacArthur Park

At a nearby park

Guinan explains that Watchers are defensive about their assignments, and warns Picard not to lie or hide anything from this Watcher, or the Watcher would "probably bite [his] eyelids off". She takes Picard's combadge out of her pocket, having taken it off him, as she thought it might be a weapon. Just then, a girl in a butterfly-patterned dress and with colorless eyes tells Guinan that she should run. Picard asks if this was the Watcher, and Guinan says it wasn't. The girl again tells Guinan to leave before she lost her "very tenuous grip on [her] need to put [her] boot through [Guinan's] face". Guinan knows she means it, and gets up to leave. Picard asks her not to leave Earth just yet, that while she was done with listening, she was not done with Humanity yet. "Change always comes later than we think it should," he reasons. Guinan does not answer, as she walks away. The girl takes him a distance away, before demanding his combadge. Picard protests that without it, he was stranded; after a moment, the girl tells him to keep it, but remove its energy cell, and Picard does so. Then the girl's eyes return to normal, and she walks away. Another man at a nearby food counter now has the same eyes as the girl, and points him down a nearby tunnel. Picard makes his way there, when another man now assumes the same eyes. Picard asks about the "pantomime", and is told it was in case he was being followed. Finally, he sees a woman in a suit standing nearby, and asks if she was a friend of Guinan's. "Absolutely not," is her reply, as she turns. Picard stares in astonishment, recognizing her as Laris and calling her by name, although she appears to be Human. Without a word, the Watcher puts a hand on his shoulder and both disappear in a rectangular puff of smoke.

Jackson Roykirk Plaza

Doing some reading at lunchtime

At Jackson Roykirk Plaza, Q is sitting at a table outside, reading a copy of the Los Angeles Times discussing a return to space exploration, when he observes a young woman reading a book. "You can't do it," he says, though whether to himself or the woman is unclear. "And you know it. Oh sure, you played the game for a while, when nothing was at stake. When the only challenge was fooling everybody into thinking you had the nerve. But now it's real. The fear is choking you. Well, here's the truth: you can't do it. People are gonna die. And now your fear, your doubt, is the loudest voice in your head." He snaps his fingers… and the woman starts laughing. Q looks confused, as he snaps his fingers again. But nothing happens. "That's unexpected," he says. "And most unfortunate."

Memorable quotes[]

"Where are you?"
"Uh… lost in the past, I suppose. In more ways than one."

- Jurati with Picard, in the abandoned Château Picard in 2024

"I can just imagine a little Picard wandering around here saying, "Milk, chocolate, hot.""

- Jurati

"Hey! Hey! You mind stopping that noise?"
"Yeah, OK, fine! I just like that song. OK? I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Apologies."

- Seven of Nine and Punk on Bus

"There is something very important that I have to tell you and you know how valuable listening can be as an El-Aurian."
"Who the hell are you, old man?"

- Picard, upon encountering the Guinan of 2024, who pulls a shotgun on him

"Why does the past hurt so much?"

- Rios, after being stunned with a stunstick while detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement

"Humankind will change. You must be patient."
"You know who has the luxury of patience here? Someone who looks like you and not like me. This world had more potential than I had ever imagined."

- Picard and Guinan

"History's darkest moments can be a tipping point for change. There's still good here."
"Trust me, it ain't tipping soon. And I've been on this planet a lot longer than you."

- Picard, asking Guinan not to lose hope with the current state of Humanity

"Agnes P. Jurati, you've the quickened flush of a woman with much to ask and no time to ask it."
"There are a number of a, systems that are still down after our uh–"
"Entwinement, shall we say…"

- The Borg Queen and Jurati

"…cloaking doesn't matter right now."
"Says the woman who won't meet my gaze for fear of being seen, to be in plain view, and still unafraid. There's great strength in that."
"Well, I'm sure it helps when you have an army behind you."
"Its how you get the army to follow you my dear, how you teach the choir to sing."
"Look, about the transporters…"
"Don't politely demure yourself, convince me."

- Jurati and The Borg Queen, trading insults and trying to outdo one another

"Beware the species that has not yet purged that word, they're simply begging to be conquered."

- The Borg Queen, warning Jurati about trust, while attempting to earn it from her

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  • The punk on the bus is listening to "I Still Hate You", a sequel song to "I Hate You" which was heard in 1986 in San Francisco. Both Kirk and Seven refer to the respective songs as "noise."
  • Unlike almost all of her other appearances, Guinan does not wear a hat at all in this episode. Previously, Guinan only appeared without some kind of headgear in a scene in Star Trek Generations.
  • Guinan again has a bottle of Saurian brandy in Ten Forward (PIC: "The Star Gazer"), despite the episode taking place several decades before official first contact between Humans and aliens.
  • Picard refers to Guinan as one of his oldest and dearest friends. A similar sentiment between the two was shared in TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II" and "Time's Arrow, Part II", among other episodes. In the original timeline, their friendship originated in 1893, when Guinan first met Picard as he traveled back in time to the 19th century (TNG: "Time's Arrow"). However, Guinan does not remember that encounter as she meets Picard in this episode. This was explained by Star Trek: Picard showrunner Terry Matalas: “This Guinan wouldn't remember Picard because in this alternate timeline, the TNG episode "Time's Arrow" never happened. Because there was no Federation, those events did not play out the same. No previous relationship exists. However, she still was likely traveling to Earth and, as we know, she hung around a bit. So this Guinan is different. But she, of course, can sense something is off. She's going through a kind of time-sickness thanks to Q's meddling with the timeline.[3]
  • The uneasiness that El-Aurians feel due to changes to the timeline is revealed to be a peculiar time sickness called Af-Kelt. Previously, Guinan was shown to sense timeline changes in TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise", although no physical illness, like vomiting, occurred in that situation.
  • Raffi's comment to Seven when they are about to steal a police car, "You can pilot a starship, but you can't drive a...", is heavily reminiscent of the exchange between Archer and T'Pol as Archer is about to steal a Dodge Ram in Detroit in 2004 in ENT: "Carpenter Street". James T. Kirk is also shown to be a bad driver in TOS: "A Piece of the Action".
  • Rios is set to be transported to a Sanctuary District near the US-Mexico border (DS9: "Past Tense, Part I" et al.)
  • The effect used for the disappearance of Picard and The Supervisor at the end of the episode is similar to Gary Seven's transporter (TOS: "Assignment: Earth").
  • Jackson Roykirk Plaza is named after the inventor of the Nomad MK-15c probe. (TOS: "The Changeling")
  • The Los Angeles Times that Q is reading in Roykirk Plaza mentions Christopher Brynner seeking to prevent the unionization of his company. Brynner (of Brynner Information Systems) previously appeared in DS9: "Past Tense, Part I", "Past Tense, Part II", helping Jadzia Dax acquaint herself with the 21st century.
  • "Butterflies" are a recurring motif of the season, first mentioned by Agnes Jurati in PIC: "Assimilation" in reference to potential damage to the timeline. During Picard and Guinan's first encounter with the Watcher, the latter presents as a small girl wearing a butterfly patterned dress.
  • The license plate of Guinan's car in 2024 reads "S02 E01" in reference to the first appearance of Guinan in Star Trek: The Next Generation being in the first episode of the second season "The Child". This, coincidentally, would also refer to Guinan's first appearance on Picard, in PIC: "The Star Gazer".

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Bailey Publishing Press; businessman; captain of industry; Cole, Cassiopeia; Cole, Jimmy; deacon; Death By Any Other Name; fly; Goines family; gutter; mob boss; Pallid Son, The; penthouse; politician; Ramse; Robin Hood; Titan Club, The; Torme, Tracy

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