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The Wells-class was a timeship used by Starfleet in the 29th century to protect the timeline against temporal incursions.


The Wells-class was equipped with temporal transporters, an advancement on transporter technology allowing transport through space and time.

It also had at least one holodeck or the 29th century's equivalent thereof which was called a holomatrix. (VOY: "Relativity")

Ships of the class


Background information

According to the Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 2, p. 484), the Wells-class is named after noted science fiction author H.G. Wells, author of The Time Machine and The War of the Worlds.


The design for this CGI model departed significantly from the standard saucer and nacelle layout of 24th century starships. According to Rick Sternbach:

"The inspiration for the ship was a blended arrowhead sort of shape with a lot of roller coaster curves, upon which were drawn most of the little details that were familiar to older Starfleet ships. Those details were evolved, but one could still see what they were for. The Bussard collector caps were turned and stretched, but they're there. Same with the phaser strips, lifeboats, etc." [1]

The scale included on Sternbach's design schematics indicates an overall length of approximately 640 feet (195 meters). [2](X) Nine decks are shown in the side view. [3](X)


Within the New Frontier novels, it is stated that the ships possessed an anti-proton beam in addition to phaser arrays.

Star Trek Online

USS Wells (NCV-474438-A) in Star Trek Online

In Star Trek Online, the Wells-class timeship (classified in-game as a "Temporal Science Vessel") can be obtained by Federation players through the Temporal Lock Box. The Wells-class has a mirror universe alternative model, the Mobius-class "Temporal Destroyer", operated by the Terran Empire. Both also have alternate designs, the Verne-class for the Wells and the Klein-class for the Mobius. The flavor lore regarding the ships indicates that 29th century ships from both the prime and mirror universes were brought into the 25th century by the Tholian Assembly, similarly to how the USS Defiant, a 23rd-century Federation starship, ended up in the 22nd century mirror universe.

In a mission released to celebrate the game's third anniversary, a Wells-class ship called the USS Pastak appears to assist the player in battle against Tholians in the Azure Nebula and correct damage done to the timeline by the appearance of the USS Enterprise-C in the 25th century. The Pastak and its commander, Captain Benjamin Walker, later go on to be the player's contact and chaperone in attending the 28th-century signing of the Temporal Accords, a galactic treaty regulating the use of time travel and temporal alteration, as well as helping defend against Krenim and Na'kuhl terrorists, led by "the Envoy" - revealed as rogue Krenim scientist Noye - intent on disrupting the event in both the 28th and 25th centuries.

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