Admiral Westervliet was a Starfleet Command flag officer during the 2260s.

Westervliet sent orders removing Enterprise from responsibility for the asteroid spaceship Yonada in 2268 after James Kirk initially proved unable to divert its course from inhabited Daran V system. (TOS: "For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky")

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Westervliet was played by Byron Morrow, who also previously portrayed Admiral Komack in "Amok Time". Westervliet's name was not spoken on screen, but appeared in the end credits. A noticeable change was made in Morrow's appearance compared to "Amok Time", where he was originally named in the script as Westervliet, to differentiate between the two characters.

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The FASA role-playing game supplement "The Four Years War" has several essays on that conflict written by him, it mentions that he was a captain during that war and his name is Sebastian Westervliet.

The novels Provenance of Shadows and The Fire and the Rose call him "Westervliet Komack", suggesting that he is the same character as Admiral Komack.

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