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Ancient Greek deities force Kirk and Spock on an odyssey of peril!

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Canon characters listed below are linked to the main article about them. Non-canon characters are not linked, but those that recurred, appearing or being mentioned in more than one story, are defined further in Gold Key TOS characters.
James T. Kirk 
Enterprise captain.
Vulcan Enterprise exec and science officer.
Leonard McCoy 
Enterprise surgeon.
Montgomery Scott 
Enterprise chief engineer.
Hikaru Sulu 
Enterprise helmsman.
Enterprise communications officer.
Pavel Chekov 
Enterprise officer.
Hero of Greek mythology.
Greek god of the winds.
King of the Greek gods.


Perseus Arm 
Part of the Galaxy.
USS Pathfinder (β)
A Constitution-class Federation starship.
Homer's Odyssey 
The story of Ulysses.
Scylla and Charybdis 
Mythological Greek sea monsters.

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