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The stunning finale to the epic saga of Deep Space Nine!

The novelization of "What You Leave Behind" is an adaptation of "What You Leave Behind", written by Diane Carey. A Pocket DS9 novel published by Pocket Books, it was first released in June 1999.

Summary Edit

From the book jacket
A powerful novel in the classic tradition of "All Good Things...".
Seven years ago, Benjamin Sisko took command of an alien space station newly christened Deep Space Nine. There he met Kira Nerys, Odo, Miles O'Brien, Quark, Worf, Julian Bashir, and many others who would touch his life deeply. He also found a new and troubling destiny as the long-awaited Emissary to the mysterious wormhole entities known as the Prophets.
Now, after years of triumph and tragedy, and a cataclysmic war that rocked the entire Alpha Quadrant, Captain Sisko and his valiant crew face their final challenge. No one is safe, nothing is certain, and not even the Prophets can predict the ultimate fate of Deep Space Nine!

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Background information Edit

  • The novelization expands on a number of elements from the episode, and includes scenes cut from the final episode:
    • One notable difference is that the final assault on Cardassia Prime actually commences with a battle. During the battle, Odo notices that the Breen ships are vulnerable on their aft impulse manifolds causing them to retreat and leave their allies to fight on.
    • Another additional scene features Sisko, Ross, and Martok viewing the Dominion starships entering the wormhole. This occurs just after the Dominion surrender.
    • Scenes retained from the shooting script include Quark telling Worf he knows about the secret invasion after Morn revealed he learned about it from Admiral Ross. Another retained scene sees Sisko confronted by Pah-wraith apparitions of Jake and Kasidy telling him he'll be killed if he tries to stop the Restoration of Bajor.
  • Odo mentions Section 31 in the novelization, calling their actions "an act of genocide as cold and calculated as anything the Dominion ever did".
  • An extract from this novel appeared in Star Trek Monthly issue 55.
  • Sisko makes reference to "the planetary service from which Starfleet had grown" and notes it had starships named Defiant.

Characters Edit

Benjamin Sisko
Kira Nerys
Julian Bashir
Ezri Dax
Jake Sisko
Miles O'Brien
Keiko O'Brien
Molly O'Brien
Kirayoshi O'Brien
Kasidy Yates
Female Changeling
Elim Garak
William Ross
Sarah Sisko

References Edit

USS Farragut 
William Ross's flagship at the Battle of Cardassia.
USS Nelson 
Federation starship at the Battle of Cardassia that flew in formation with Farragut.

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Starships Edit

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