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Whatley was a Starfleet engineer who served under Miles O'Brien aboard Deep Space 9. He was a member of the swing shift, and enjoyed raktajino during staff meetings.

In 2373, he, along with Tekoa, was assigned to replace the inertial couplings on the docking ring. (DS9: "The Assignment")

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Whatley was played by Patrick B. Egan, who was credited as Jiyar.

He was described in the script as "a Human leather-faced Starfleet vet," and according to a line cut from the script, Whatley stated that he was married. [1]

Although the character was identified in the credits as Jiyar, no reference to the name can be found in the script, which clearly established him as "Whatley," and likewise, in dialogue he was addressed by O'Brien specifically as "Whatley."

Furthermore, regarding the name "Whatley", the closed captioning did, however, spell the name slightly different, in this case as "Watley." This spelling was further used by the authors of the Star Trek Encyclopedia (3rd ed., p. 557), who also speculated that he might be a descendant of the 23rd century lieutenant named Watley.

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