White rhinoceros

A white rhinoceros

The white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum) was a large terrestrial mammal native to Earth, with thick hides and a horn protruding upward from their snout.

The horn was highly prized among certain cultures of Earth as an aphrodisiac. (ENT: "Fight or Flight") According to USS Enterprise-D primary school teacher Ms. Kyle, "as the value of their horns increased, the number of white rhinos in the wild kept falling, until they finally became extinct" during the mid-22nd century. (TNG: "New Ground")

According to the script for DS9: "Return to Grace", the Cardassian military freighter Groumall's firepower was described as "a pathetic little hit and it has about as much effect as scratching the tail of a rhinoceros with a blade of grass."

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