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  • This is the first of two issues.



Drawn by Mike Clark & Karl Kesel.
Drawn by George Pérez.
April, Robert
Drawn by Art Thibert.
Occupation: Starship navigator
Marital status: Single
Known relatives: None
Group affiliation: UFP, Starfleet
Base(s) of operations: USS Enterprise, USS Hood
First appearance: TAS: "The Infinite Vulcan"
Height: 7'3"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: None
Current status: Navigator, USS Enterprise-A
Lieutenant Arex' biography lists that he is one of the first Edoans to be enlisted in Starfleet. He later was promoted to officer after graduating with honors from Starfleet Academy. He originated from Edos, the second of five planets at the star 92 Trianguli Rho. There is a paragraph describing the three-legged, three-armed structure of the Edoan body, and they are described as vaguely "caninoid." Uhura is quoted commenting how his dextrous form makes him an amazing panel operator, Leonard McCoy comments on the strength and stamina which is the Edoan norm, and Hikaru Sulu describes how an extra leg and extra arm makes a fencing partner invincible. Having Scotch whisky, Arex once drank Montgomery Scott under the table, and McCoy mentioned that his constant smiling expression was the perfect poker face. Spock and Arex shared a common sensitivity, their powerful hearing. Spock once counseled Arex on the difficulties faced on a Human-crewed starship. An incident is mentioned where his keen senses saved the day, when he detected a phaser coolant leak before it became visible. After serving under James T. Kirk, he transferred to the "refitted" Constitution-class USS Hood, but returned to serve on the new USS Enterprise-A.
Drawn by Ken Penders & Freff. The biography lists him as "Edoan," rather than the later assumed name of his race, "Edosian."
Bailey, David
Bailey's biography reveals the the First Federation supplied the United Federation of Planets with an improved universal translator. It also states that Bailey later became an interviewer on the planet Babel.
Drawn by John Byrne.
Occupation: Bridge personnel
Marital status: Single
Known relatives: John Bearclaw (father, deceased); Lila (mother); Cochese (grandfather)
Group affiliation: UFP, Starfleet
Base(s) of operations: USS Enterprise; North America (Earth)
First appearance: Issue #1
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 167 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Current status: Ensign, USS Enterprise-A
Bearclaw, William
After serving under Admiral Kirk, he returned to serve on the new USS Enterprise-A.
Drawn by Jan Duursema.
Boyce, Philip
Drawn by Jonathan Peterson & Greg Theakston.
Bryce, Nancy
Drawn by Art Thibert & Mike DeCarlo.
Chapel, Christine
Drawn by Ken Penders & Michael Bair.
Chekov, Pavel
Drawn by Dan Spiegle.
Cogley, Samuel T.
Drawn by Ken Penders & Dell Barras.
Daystrom, Richard
Drawn by Ron Frenz & Mike DeCarlo.
Decker, Matthew
Drawn by Denys Cowan & Mike DeCarlo.
Decker, Willard
Drawn by Ron Frenz & Dick Giordano.
Dehner, Elizabeth
Drawn by Denys Cowan & Rick Magyar.
Drawn by Michael Bair.
Drawn by Kevin Maguire & Michael Bair.
USS Enterprise
Drawn by Joe Brozowski & Freff.
Drawn by Jim Reddington & Greg Theakston.
USS Excelsior
Drawn by Joe Brozowski & Dell Barras.
Drawn by Mike Clark & Tony Salmons.
Farrell, John
Farrell's biography indicates he left the Enterprise and became an instructor in starship navigation at Starfleet Academy shortly after the events of TOS: "Miri".
Drawn by Jonathan Peterson & Dick Giordano.
Finney, Benjamin
Drawn by Steve Bove & Dell Barras.
Drawn by Denys Cowan & Mike DeCarlo.
Drawn by Denys Cowan & Greg Brooks.
Grayson, Amanda
Drawn by Denys Cowan & Greg Brooks.
Guardian of Forever
Drawn by Mike Clark & Tony Salmons.
Drawn by John Byrne.
Drawn by Ron Randall.
Drawn by John Byrne.
Jones, Cyrano
Drawn by Dan Jurgens & Pablo Marcos.
Keeler, Edith
Drawn by Ron Frenz & Dick Giordano.
Kelso, Lee
Drawn by Ken Penders & Greg Brooks.
Khan Noonien Singh
Drawn by John Byrne.
Kirk, James T.
Drawn by Tom Sutton & Pablo Marcos.
Drawn by Dan Jurgens & Greg Brooks.
Drawn by Tom Sutton & Dell Barras.
Korby, Roger
Drawn by Jim Reddington & Bernard Sachs.
Kyle, Thomas
Kyle's biography indicates he was born in Adelaide, Australia, and attended Perth Engineering College. His father was a salesman for one of Earth's largest transportation companies. Following his rescue from Ceti Alpha V (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan), Kyle was promoted to commander and transferred to the USS Hood.
Kyle's biography makes brief mention of Dr. DeLambre, described as a Human male scientist who was the first to successfully transport a living creature from an orbiting vessel to a ground station.
Drawn by Ken Penders & Mike DeCarlo.
Leslie, Frank
According to his biography, Leslie grew up on his family's ranch near El Paso, Texas, not far from the Starfleet Impulse Engine Testing Grounds. He had an interest in martial arts, including judo, fencing and karate. He met James Kirk at Starfleet Academy, where he regularly bested his future commanding officer in judo tournaments. After his tour on the Enterprise, he served as a lieutenant commander on the USS Lexington.
The article also mentions Leslie's first assignment on the USS Enterprise, as depicted in TOS: "Where No Man Has Gone Before", his resemblance to Capt. Kirk, and the one blemish on his otherwise spotless record: the spore-induced mutiny as seen in TOS: "This Side of Paradise".
Drawn by Ken Penders & Greg Theakston.
Marcus, Carol
Drawn by Kevin Maguire & Art Nichols.
Marcus, David
Drawn by Denys Cowan & Bill Wray.
McCoy, Leonard H.
Drawn by Gray Morrow
Balok; Lt. Boma; Evans, Charles; Cochrane, Zefram; Cheron; Gill, John; Landru; Martine, Angela; Moreau, Marlena; Morrow, Harry; Nomad; Omicron Ceti III; Lt. Palamas, Carolyn; Stiles, Andrew; Capt. Stiles; Tholians; Trelane; Zarabeth; Zetar.

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