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Wilbur "Bill" D. Hatch (24 May 190222 December 1969; age 67) was an American music composer who, credited as "Music Consultant", worked on Star Trek: The Original Series, while heading Desilu Studios' music department. (Inside Star Trek: The Real Story, 1997, p. 185)

Hatch conducted the orchestra during the recording of the "Library Cue" music bites. He also supervised the recording of the songs performed by Doctor Sevrin's followers in "The Way to Eden", written by Charles Napier, Arthur Heinemann and Craig Robertson. (Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection liner notes)

Hatch wrote the song "Beyond Antares" for "The Conscience of the King" (with lyrics by Gene L. Coon). Portions of the song were used in "The Changeling". He also wrote the anthem that plays as President Lincoln is beamed aboard the Enterprise in "The Savage Curtain".


Wilbur Hatch had a long history with Desilu and its owner, Lucille Ball, conducting the orchestra and writing music for I Love Lucy (1951-56), The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour (1959-60), and The Lucy Show (1964-67). Hatch headed the studio's music department until the acquisition of Desilu by Gulf+Western in 1967, opting to follow Ball to her new production company, Lucille Ball Productions, continuing to work for her as he had before on the new Here's Lucy show (1968-69), until his death. He also worked on some other television projects. He also wrote the fanfare for the Desilu logo bumper. Previously Hatch was the music director and conductor of CBS Radio.

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