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William Boyett (3 January 192729 December 2004; age 77) was the actor who played the role of San Francisco police lieutenant Dan Bell in the Star Trek: The Next Generation first season episode "The Big Goodbye". He also appeared as a policeman in the sixth season episode "Time's Arrow, Part II". Boyett is probably best remembered for his role as Sgt. William "Mac" MacDonald on the police drama Adam-12 from 1968 to 1975. He also played in Emergency! with Kevin Tighe, John Anderson and Vince Howard.

Boyett starred in Forbidden Planet with Warren Stevens, George D. Wallace, and Morgan Jones in 1956. The following year he starred with Jean Simmons in Until They Sail and in 1967, Boyett guest-starred in the My Three Sons episode "My Son, the Bullfighter" with Patricia McNulty. In 1971 he appeared with William Shatner in Vanished, and in 1978 in How the West Was Won, along with Harris Yulin, George D. Wallace, William Shatner, and Fionnula Flanagan. A year later he appeared in Ike, along with Jonathan Banks.

In 1984 he appeared in Getting Physical with Spice Williams. That same year he acted in Sam's Son with Hallie Todd. In 1986 he starred with Terry Farrell in The Deliberate Stranger and with George D. Wallace in Native Son. One year later he appeared in The Hidden with Wren T. Brown and Michael Nouri.

In 1991, he acted in The Rocketeer with Bill Campbell, Clint Howard, and Max Grodénchik. In 1994, he starred with William Wellman, Jr. in Blood Run.

Boyett died on 29 December 2004, 5 days shy of his 78th birthday due to complications from pneumonia and kidney failure at Holy Cross Hospital in Mission Hills, California. [1]

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