A small figurine of William B. Travis

O'Brien's Alamo model

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Lieutenant Colonel William Barrett Travis was a 19th century cavalry soldier in the Texas Militia.

In 1836, Colonels Travis, Crockett, and Bowie, along with 188 Texian soldiers fortified the Alamo, an old Spanish mission in preparation for an attack from several thousand Mexican troops led by General Santa Anna. After a thirteen day siege, Santa Anna attacked the mission on 6 March. Despite a heroic effort by Travis and his troops, Santa Anna would ultimately be victorious in eliminating all of the Texian rebels in what history would later remember as the Battle of the Alamo.

In 1960, the Battle of the Alamo was depicted in the movie titled The Alamo. Actor Laurence Harvey portrayed the role of Travis. (DS9: "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang")

In 2374, a holosuite program recreating the battle was designed by Miles O'Brien and Julian Bashir aboard Deep Space 9. Bashir was to play the role of Travis; O'Brien the role of Crockett. (DS9: "Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night", "Afterimage")

After experiencing the battle, Bashir and O'Brien got into a heated discussion on the finer points of the battle in Quark's. One issue addressed was Travis's "line in the dirt". Bashir argued on the contrary of what he believed O'Brien's stance would be, regarding how there was no evidence that Travis didn't draw the line in the dirt. Bashir, however, argued that there was a great deal of evidence to suggest that the story was invented. (DS9: "Once More Unto the Breach")

O'Brien built a scale model of the Alamo complete with miniature figurines. The Travis figurine was later lost and O'Brien blamed Bashir, but he eventually found it in his quarters as he packed to leave the station for his new role of Professor of Engineering at Starfleet Academy. (DS9: "The Changing Face of Evil", "What You Leave Behind")

In "What You Leave Behind", Damar was chosen as the first recurring character to die, as Casey Biggs had played Travis in the 1988 IMAX film directed by Kieth Merrill, Alamo: The Price of Freedom, and Travis was the first to die at the Battle of the Alamo. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion)

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