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William Utay (born 7 September 1947; age 74) is the actor who played Vulcan Captain Vanik in the Star Trek: Enterprise first season episode "Breaking the Ice".

Utay is probably best known for his recurring roles as Phil Sanders/Will Sanders in the comedy series Night Court (1985-1992, working with John Larroquette, Karen Austin, and Brent Spiner) and as Dr. Wilhelm Rolf in the daytime soap Days of Our Lives (1999-2003, 2007-2008, and 2017, with Renée Jones and James Read). [1] [2]

In the 1980s, Utay guest starred in episodes of Filthy Rich (1982, with Jerry Hardin), Bring 'Em Back Alive (1983, with Michael Ensign and Mark Harelik), Mike Hammer (1984), Highway to Heaven (1984, with Bill Quinn and Herta Ware), Night Court (1984, with John Larroquette and Jennifer Richards), Days of Our Lives (1985), Hunter (1985, with Gary Graham, James Whitmore, Jr., Tony Plana, Bruce Davison, Rick Fitts, and Tim Russ), What's Happening Now! (1986), Knight Rider (1986, with Patricia McPherson, Peter Parros, and William Daniels), The Twilight Zone (1986, with David Birney and Kenneth Mars), The Paper Chase (1986, with George Coe and Russ Fega), Disneyland (1986, with Steve Vinovich, Randy Oglesby, Kitty Swink, Dan Woren, Matthew Faison, James Avery, Branscombe Richmond, and Conrad Hurtt), Designing Women (1988), Hooperman (1989, with Barbara Bosson and Steven Culp), and Dragnet (1989, with Thalmus Rasulala and Angelo Tiffe).

He also appeared in the action film Scorpion (1986, with John Anderson), the drama Walker (1987, with Rene Auberjonois, Keith Szarabajka, Gerrit Graham, Bennet Guillory, Bruce Wright, and Biff Yeager), the musical comedy Two Idiots in Hollywood (1988, with Kat Sawyer-Young, Kurtwood Smith, Bruce Wright, Jim Beaver, and Mary McCusker), the television movie The Diamond Trap (1988, with Jeanette Miller), the comedy Normality (1988, with Mimi Craven), and the crime comedy Harlem Nights (1989, written, directed, and starring Eddie Murphy and with Mike Genovese).

In the 1990s, Utay appeared in the short film Harmony (1990), the horror film Runestone (1991, with Tim Ryan, Lawrence Tierney, Donald Hotton, and Eben Ham), the science fiction film Future Kick (1991, with Meg Foster), the television drama A Private Matter (1992, with Leon Russom, Dawn Arnemann, Michael Bofshever, Ken Jenkins, Ben Lemon, David Sage, and Noley Thornton), the sport drama Cobb (1994, with Scott Burkholder, George Wilbur, and Tom Todoroff), the thriller Bodily Harm (1995, with Gregg Henry, Bill Smitrovich, Casey Biggs, and Castulo Guerra), the science fiction horror film Species (1995, with Jordan Lund, Don Fischer, David Selburg, Herta Ware, Gary Bullock, Anthony Guidera, Richard Fancy, Dendrie Taylor, Dana Hee, Frank Welker, Greg Bronson, and Zak Knutson), the drama Tin Cup (1996, with Richard Lineback and Tom Todoroff), the television thriller A Nightmare Come True (1997, with Katy Boyer, Mark Kiely, and Rick Fitts), the romance 'Til There Was You (1997, with James W. Jansen, Richard Fancy, and Anthony Guidera), the comedy Lover Girl (1997, with Cullen Chambers), the action film Shogun Cop (1999, with Bruce Wright), the sport drama Play It to the Bone (1999, with Willie Garson, Tom Todoroff, and Steve Schirripa), and in the video games Eraser - Turnabout (1996, with John DeMita, Samantha Mudd, Bruce Gray, Robert Miano, and Christopher Darga) and Of Light and Darkness (1998, with Brady Bluhm, Tress MacNeille, Natalija Nogulich, and Tom Todoroff).

Further television work includes guest roles in episodes of Over My Dead Body (1990, with Rick Fitts), Lenny (1990, with Eugene Roche and Anne Haney), Murder, She Wrote (1991, with Tige Andrews, Robert Costanzo, Monte Markham, and William Windom), Equal Justice (1991, with Joe Morton, Scott Marlowe, and Jack Murdock), Herman's Head (1991, with Molly Hagan and Earl Boen), Who's the Boss? (1992), Baby Talk (1992, with Schae Harrison and James Nardini), Mann & Machine (1992, with David Andrews, Lee Arenberg, and Mitchell Ryan), Rachel Gunn, R.N. (1992), L.A. Law (1993, with Corbin Bernsen, Larry Drake, Leland Orser, Larry Dobkin, and Lou Wagner), Thea (1993), Sister, Sister (1994), Seinfeld (1994, with Jason Alexander, Estelle Harris, and Angela Dohrmann), Picket Fences (1994, with Kelly Connell, Ray Walston, Barbara Alyn Woods, and Jack Shearer), Mad About You (1995, with Anne Ramsay and Meg Wyllie), ER (1995, with Eriq La Salle, Christine Harnos, Scott Jaeck, Richard Herd, Christine Jansen, and David Selburg), Pig Sty (1995, with Brian McNamara, Liz Vassey, William Newman, and Willie Garson), Nowhere Man (1995, with Bruce Greenwood, Mike Starr, Tim DeZarn, and Geof Prysirr), The Client (1995, with Robert O'Reilly, Bumper Robinson, and Dierk Torsek), Dave's World (1995, with John Cothran, Jr.), The Drew Carey Show (1995, with Diedrich Bader), The John Larroquette Show (1996, with John Larroquette, Juli Donald, and Carlos LaCamara), Married with Children (1996, with Tom McCleister), California Dreams (1996, with Earl Boen and Leonard O. Turner), Ink (1996, with Saul Rubinek), 7th Heaven (1997 and 1999, with Catherine Hicks, Stephen Collins, Christopher Michael, and Matthew Kimbrough), and Silk Stalkings (1999, with Charlie Brill and Carey Scott).

Following his appearance on Star Trek: Enterprise, Utay worked on the sport drama Ali (2001, with Joe Morton, Albert Hall, LeVar Burton, Bruce McGill, Victoria Dillard, Brad Greenquist, Wade Andrew Williams, Doug Hale, Michael Dorn, Greg Bronson, and Ray Uhler), the crime thriller Dark Blue (2002, with Jonathan Banks and Tom Todoroff), the short drama Social Security Guard (2006), the video game Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (2008, with Keith Szarabajka, Robin Atkin Downes, Fred Tatasciore, John Eric Bentley, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, and Dwight Schultz), the short comedy What Are Friends For? (2012), and episodes of Angel (2003, with James Marsters and directed by James A. Contner), King's English (2009, with Cazimir Milostan), and Modern Family (2017).

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