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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Picard, and thus may contain spoilers.

A wine made by Baltrim

Wine was an alcoholic beverage that came in a variety of flavors and fermented by a variety of species and cultures including, Humans, Klingons, Vulcans, Dosi, and Karemma. Terran wine was made from various fermented fruit, typically grapes, while Bajoran springwine was made from fermented Kava juice.

According to Sub-commander T'Pol, Vulcans didn't drink wine. (ENT: "Breaking the Ice")

See here for more information on the relation between Vulcans and wine.

In 2364, a waiter in the holographic program Café des Artistes offered Captain Jean-Luc Picard wine and cheese, but he declined, as he had really only come for the view. (TNG: "We'll Always Have Paris")

Commander William T. Riker brought a bottle of wine with him to Melona IV in 2368, and planned to drink it with Carmen Davila. (TNG: "Silicon Avatar")

The Picard family vineyards, located in La Barre, France, was well known for its wine production. They produced Bordeaux. (TNG: "Family"; PIC: "The Star Gazer")

In 2369, when Kira Nerys was attempting to evacuate three people from Jeraddo before it was to be mined, she was served supper by Mullibok. The supper included a wine made by Baltrim. (DS9: "Progress")

In the 33rd century after being rescued by Zora, Craft synthesized a few glasses of red wine in the mess hall. (ST: "Calypso")



Sparkling wine



A bottle of Risan wine

When Captain Jonathan Archer visited Risa in 2152, he received a bottle of wine as a complementary gift.

While he and Keyla were in his room discussing the Suliban Cabal, he offered her a glass, adding, "If this wine is too sweet, I think there's another bottle here. It might be different." (ENT: "Two Days and Two Nights")

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