Wixiban (Wix for short) was a Talaxian and an old friend of Neelix's. In the past, the two had worked together on several less-than-legal ventures. The last of these had landed Wixiban in an Ubean prison.

The two met several years later on the station near the Nekrit Expanse where Wixiban had been stuck for three years due to debt problems. Wixiban succeeded in drawing Neelix back into his schemes, including conducting illegal trade on the Nekrit Expanse trade station in order to help Neelix acquire a map of the Nekrit Expanse. Neelix borrowed a shuttle to deliver Wixiban's supplies, but during the transaction, Wixiban killed one of the dealers, Sutok, with a phaser from the shuttle. Neelix realized that Wixiban used him to carry out a narcotics deal.

Wixiban told Neelix that in order to appease the drug dealer, he needed a sample of warp plasma from USS Voyager. Neelix refused to steal the item and persuaded Wixiban to confess to the station's manager. A trap was set up and the dealers were captured in exchange for the charges being dropped against Neelix and Wixiban. (VOY: "Fair Trade")

Wixiban was played by James Nardini.

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