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Two stories, focusing on Worf after he joined the Deep Space 9 crew in DS9: "The Way of the Warrior".

"Bonds of Honor"

Worf has been accused of sabotage on Starbase 113. Sisko is instructed by Admiral Alynna Nechayev that Worf must be arrested immediately upon his return to the station.

Instead of returning directly, Worf follows another vessel, the one that left immediately before him. He trails it to a Klingon ship and, with help, confronts the commander of the ship and turns the tables.

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"Unhappy Trails"

Worf spends time in the cowboy holoprogram that his son gave him. Dax and Kira join him as he chases down some bandits in New Mexico.

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Background information

  • This issue featured a five-page biography of Worf covering the period from his birth to his joining the DS9 crew.
  • It also featured six pages of pinup artwork featuring Worf.



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