List of holograms appearing in the World War II holoprogram run on board USS Voyager by the Hirogen in 2374.



French citizens

These French citizens were part of the Hirogen World War II holodeck program in the village of Sainte Claire. (VOY: "The Killing Game")

The female citizens are played by actresses with the last names Goodman, Shull, Valli, Coe, Tommon, Hanks, Lake, Leigh, Kohan, Hayward, Fasig, Benson, Soares, Beth-Ann Joyner, Roach, and Ricci and Alice Younger, V. Johnson, and D. Vouvoudakis. Johnson and Vouvoudakis first appeared as French women and changed later to portray the two nuns as noted on the call sheet. The men are played by Hedden, Wyler, Alcazar, Broge, Korda, Benard, Bentley, Ford, Bernie Bielawski, Meurel, Afra, Morett, Fred Romming, Sam Alejan, Janek, Weitzman, McCoy, Monteleon, Zarider, and Anderson.
The background actors are listed as "Women", "Men", and "Town" on the call sheets. They filmed their scenes on Wednesday 3 December 1997 on location at the Universal Studios backlot "European Street".
Marie Micheaux also appeared in a far shot as one of the women sitting in a café but was identified as a Voyager crewmember in "The Killing Game, Part II".

GI guards

These two GI's accompanied Captain Miller and Bobby Davis into Le Coeur de Lion. They guarded the establishment along the resistance members but were overwhelmed by the Hirogen and Nazi officers and taken hostage. The first GI later accompanied Tom Paris' character into the corridors of Voyager where they met Harry Kim. (VOY: "The Killing Game", "The Killing Game, Part II")


These holographic American GIs accompanied Captain Miller and Lieutenant Bobby Davis into the small town Sainte Claire where they fought against the Nazi soldiers. (VOY: "The Killing Game", "The Killing Game, Part II")

They were played by background actors Apler, Alexander Denk, Etheridge, Gabler, Jim Gogolos, Heisler, Jorgenson, Lerill, Laird Macintosh, Mastogiovanni, May, Money, Nachbauer, Nelson, Quinn, Schell, Szostak, and P. Johnson.
The actors are listed as "GIs" and "American Soldiers" on the call sheets of the episodes. P. Johnson is the only actor who only appeared in Part II.
Chris Novicki is also listed as an American soldier but was later identified as a Voyager crewmember in Part II.


The Nazi SS officer

This hauptmann (captain) was a holographic World War II German SS officer who appeared in the holodeck program created by the Hirogen after they captured the USS Voyager in 2374 and used its crew in simulated games for their hunts.

He was a member of the Nazi party who was in charge of a province in France. He showed interest in the Brigitte character, who B'Elanna Torres was playing, and eventually had impregnated her.

A brutal man and very much believing in Adolf Hitler's ideals that Germans are the "master race" and having "pure blood", causing Karr to criticize him for "underestimating his prey". He eventually persuaded Karr to ignore his Alpha's orders after the Hirogen and Voyager's crew agreed to a cease fire.

He was ultimately killed by Klingons, who were part of another simulated hunt scenario, in the final battle for the town. (VOY: "The Killing Game", "The Killing Game, Part II")

This officer was played by J. Paul Boehmer.
The script notes describe him as "an attractive young German Officer we'll call Kapitan"; it also noted he had "a light German accent." The call sheets also listed him as "Kapitan".
Though not referenced on-screen, the producers usee a misnomer in choosing the term "Kapitän"; where Kapitän (with the "zur See" [at sea] suffix) actually refers to a naval captain in both the Kriegsmarine, the German navy, as well as its merchant marine. Since he was an SS officer, the correct rank, based on his rank insignia would have been hauptsturmführer, however, he was ultimately called "hauptmann" on-screen, which was actually the regular German Army equivalence of the rank.

Le Coeur de Lion patrons

These holographic Humans were part of the Sainte Claire holoprogram. They visited "Le Coeur de Lion" and listened to Mademoiselle de Neuf. Every guest was welcomed by Katrine and told to leave the war outside. Jacques was one of the patrons. (VOY: "The Killing Game")

The unidentified male patrons including Jacques are played by T. Brader, A. Reeves, P. Van Poppel, H. Levine, V. Simone, G. Gardner, J.M. Salamon, and J. Lahman. The female patrons are played by D. Smith, M. Andersson, R. Kempel, B. Augustinski, A. Wolfe, E. Chase, and Jenny Navarro.
The actors filmed their scenes on Monday 1 December 1997 and Tuesday 2 December 1997 on Paramount Stage 16 and are listed as "Patrons" on the call sheets.
Brett Bell also appears as a nightclub patron but was later identified as a Voyager crewmember.

Nazi guards

These two Nazi soldiers, both ranked oberscharführer, stood guard in front of the Nazi Headquarters in Sainte Claire. The first guard took Brigitte, who faked a breakdown, to his kapitän. Later, both guards were roaming the corridors of Voyager where they met Kathryn Janeway and Seven of Nine who stunned them. (VOY: "The Killing Game", "The Killing Game, Part II")

Both actors received no credit for their work.
In his online resume, Holden is naming his guard "Officer Casebolt". [1]

Nazi officers

These Nazi officers were part of the World War II scenario recreated aboard Voyager by the Hirogen. They visited Le Coeur de Lion and listened to Mademoiselle de Neuf's performance. Later, they were roaming the streets of Sainte Claire and assisted their leading officers in apprehending the characters played by Seven of Nine and Neelix.

The officer, with the rank of obersturmführer, was a recipient of the War Merit Cross. (VOY: "The Killing Game")

All Nazis were played by background performers who received no credit.
They are played by actors T. Baxter, G. McKnight, J. Goss, Walter Altman, J. Hirschmann, and an unknown actor.

Nazi soldier

A Nazi soldier

This Nazi soldier was surprised by Kathryn Janeway and Seven of Nine in Astrometrics and was knocked out by Janeway. (VOY: "The Killing Game, Part II")

This soldier was played by stunt actor Brian Hite who received no credit for this appearance and filmed his scene under Stunt Coordinator Dennis Madalone on Thursday 11 December 1997 on Paramount Stage 16. He is listed as "Stunt German Soldier" on the call sheet.

Nazi soldiers

These Nazi soldiers were part of the Hirogen takeover of Sainte Claire and took part in several firefights with the American soldiers and later the hand-to-hand combat with the Klingons. (VOY: "The Killing Game, Part II")

The soldiers were played by background actor Elliott James and actors with the last names Synoski, Martin, Larsen, Frazier, Fischer, and Collie.
On the call sheets, these soldiers are listed as "German soldiers".

SS radio operator

A Nazi SS radio operator

This radio operator, who held the rank of rottenführer (corporal), was part of the World War II holoprogram aboard Voyager run by the Hirogen. He operated the two-way radio and telegraph in the Nazi Headquarters, where he was knocked out by Kathryn Janeway. (VOY: "The Killing Game")

This character was played by recurring background actor Ken Gruz. For his appearance, the script stated, "[a] German Radio Operator (non-speaking) mans the radio, wearing a headset."


These two waiters were part of the World War II holoprogram aboard Voyager run by the Hirogen. Both were employed at Le Coeur de Lion and worked for Katrine while Mademoiselle de Neuf performed on stage. (VOY: "The Killing Game")

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