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Worlds is a role playing game supplement published by Decipher in 2005 as an eBook in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. It is the seventh official book released for Decipher's Star Trek Roleplaying Game, and is the first such official supplement for the game released only as an electronic document.

The supplement itself documents over sixty worlds seen in the various incarnations of Star Trek, and gives game stats for each to use as locations for your characters' adventures.


From the back cover

"You keep wondering if man was meant to be out here. You keep wondering and you keep signing on...."

– Captain James Kirk, The Naked Time

To explore strange new worlds...

The burning sands of Vulcan. The icy chasms of Andoria. The storm-swept skies of Qo'noS. Worlds presents them in all their glory, ready for your away team and fully described for your STAR TREK Roleplaying Game series. From Iconia to Rigel X, the skies of your series suddenly got a little more crowded. Report to Stellar Cartography and prepare to transmit navigational coordinates – countless new worlds of adventure await you!

Worlds includes:

Excerpts of copyrighted sources are included for review purposes only, without any intention of infringement.


As of late 2008, Decipher has let lapse their license to produce/sell RPG material based on Star Trek. Thus, this supplement is no longer available through the sole online vendor, Drive-Thru RPG.

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