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Can Ro Laren save Bajor from a deadly plague?

Wrath of the Prophets is a Pocket DS9 novel – #20 in the numbered series – written by Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman and Robert Greenberger. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in May 1997.

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From the book jacket
When a fatal disease spreads over Bajor, threatening the entire planet with extinction, Captain Sisko must accept aid from an unexpected source: Ro Laren, Starfleet officer turned Maquis renegade. Major Kira and Ro reluctantly join forces to track the alien plague to its source – even as the disease claims new victims on Deep Space 9 itself. Dr. Bashir struggles to find a cure, but the secret of the virulent invader may hide deep in the shadows of Dax's past.

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Benjamin Sisko 
Starfleet captain, the CO of Deep Space 9.
Kira Nerys
Julian Bashir
Jadzia Dax
Jake Sisko
Miles O'Brien
Ro Laren

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Varis Sul

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