Wu was an inhabitant of Omega IV who was born in 1806, and became the leader of the Kohms by the 2260s. Wu owed his longevity to ancestors capable of surviving a devastating biological war.

In 2268, Wu stated that he was 462 years old, having seen the Year of the Red Bird on forty-two different occasions. He had an elder brother; his father was born well before 1268.

That same year, Wu and his people were being aided by Captain Ronald Tracey in violation of the Prime Directive. Tracey gave Wu Federation technology to assist the Kohms in their fight against the Yangs. (TOS: "The Omega Glory")

Background information

Wu was played by Lloyd Kino.

Although almost every Star Trek publication states Wu was born in 1806, he would only have been 462 years old if he was born exactly on a Year of the Red Bird and if his statement was made during another Year of the Red Bird. If Wu was born in between two Years of the Red Bird, or if another Year of the Red Bird was coming up, Wu could have been as young as 452 or as old as 472.

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