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Wyatt Weed (born 1964; age ~56) is an actor, visual effects artist, and filmmaker who appeared as a Rutian police officer in the Star Trek: Voyager third season episode "The High Ground". [1] He also worked as visual effects artist on the Caretaker's array miniature for the Star Trek: Voyager pilot episode "Caretaker" and is a fan of Star Trek: The Original Series.

Born in Springfield, Illinois, Weed was impressed by the 1977 science fiction film Star Wars and bought a Super 8 camera. He attended Webster University for film production, Meramec College for still photography, and Southern Illinois University for acting. Following moves to St. Louis, where he worked as member of the Louma Crane Crew at the FOX Theatre on Taylor Hackford's music documentary Chuck Berry Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll in 1986, and Los Angeles he started to work in the entertainment industry as an actor on projects such as the horror film The Laughing Dead (1989), as a Predator in the science fiction film Predator 2 (1990), the family movie Kung Fu Rascals (1992), the thriller In the Dead of Winter (1993), and the science fiction sequel Guyver: Dark Hero (1994, with Christopher Michael and Brian Simpson) on which he worked as associate producer.

Weed also worked as a visual effects artist, creating miniatures and props for productions such as the action film Flight of the Intruder (1991), the science fiction thriller Fortress (1992), the horror film Lord of Illusions (1995, starring Scott Bakula), the science fiction comedy Muppets from Space (1999, with Syd Dutton and Bill Taylor), and the action sequel Mission: Impossible II (2000).

Weed moved on to work as director and among his first works was an unsold television science fiction film, titled Star Runners, starring Patricia Tallman. On the short films Timeline (2006), Bag of Tricks (2006), and The War of the Planets (2009) Weed worked as editor, writer, producer, and director. Weed's project Shadowland, a horror thriller, was released in 2010. He worked as director, writer, editor, and visual effects artist on this film. [2] [3]

More recent projects include the short film Play Dead (2010), as editor, assistant director, and visual effects artist, the thriller D.N.R. (2010), as cinematographer, editor, set decorator, sound editor, and digital effects artist, and the short horror film The Bloodfest Club (2011), as visual effects artist.

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