The Xaheans were a humanoid species native to the planet Xahea. Their planet became highly politically relevant in the wider galaxy after a member of their royal family developed a way to recrystallize dilithium in the 2250s.

Physiology and appearanceEdit

Xaheans were mostly humanoid, with sharp teeth and dark hands ending in clawed fingers. They had orbital sockets which could fracture; they had interior eyelids to the left and right of their eyes, and invisible unless they blinked. Based on one high class female seen, they had blue areas on their faces, as well as what appeared to be simple tattooed patterns, and a metal nose piercing.

Xaheans apparently had the ability to affect technology from a distance, and also to turn themselves mostly invisible, and to erect spines on their backs. Their speech sounded like hisses and purring sounds.

Xahean circulatory fluid was blood-based, and luminescent orange in color. By the age of seventeen, Xaheans might be in a post-larval intermediate quiescent-stage of their development, which was akin to being a teen.

Po's Jem'Hadar-like shrouding ability usually left a faint outline, though in one case, when she disappeared in Tilly's bed, she dissapeared completely. Neither this ability nor the ability to affect technology were explained, and they might be either biological or enacted by invisible technology.

History and cultureEdit

Xaheans believed that they had been born at the same time as their planet, and grown up at the same time as well. They believed they were the planet's twins. They considered themselves to be living in balance with the planet, a give and take.

In the 2250s Me Hani Ika Hali Ka Po, sister of the then-king, invented a dilithium incubator. Unfortunately, this provoked a scramble among the Xaheans to gain warp capability, to the detriment of their homeworld.

Po, frustrated and frightened at the behavior of those around her, did not document or share her invention. In this period, Po's brother the King died, and her mother as well. Her father was also dead. Shortly after the Xaheans developed warp drive, Po fled Xahea in defiance of her impending coronation as queen. She was convinced to return to lead her people after an encounter with Ensign Sylvia Tilly aboard the USS Discovery. (ST: "Runaway")

Other technology mastered on Xahea included a translator. (ST: "Runaway")

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