The following is a list of visitors to the Xanthan planet.

In 2153, a gigantic floating bazaar, home to numerous alien merchants and visitors. Among the species visiting the bazaar were Benzites, V'radians, members of Zjod's species, members of Dee'Ahn's species, Kolaran, Nuvian, and a number of other species.

Borothan visitor

Dee'Ahn's species visitor

Kolaran visitor

Marmot seller

Alien marmot seller

A marmot seller

In search of the formula for trellium-D, Jonathan Archer and several crewmen from Enterprise encountered this alien merchant. The merchant attempted to sell Archer a Xanthan marmot, an animal native to the Xanthan homeworld. He told Archer that they make wonderful pets and succulent meals. Archer refused the sale. The merchant was distinguished by a bumpy head and bat-like ears, and his hands featured a ridge of flesh just above the knuckles. (ENT: "Rajiin")

The alien merchant was played by actor BK Kennelly.
In the final draft script of "Rajiin", this merchant was described thus; "He's humanoid, with moist, orange skin and light prosthetics." He was also scripted to speak with a "rapid-fire" voice. His makeup appliances likely consisted of reused Reman ears from Star Trek Nemesis.

Merchants and shoppers

These alien merchants and shoppers were at the Xanthan floating bazaar in 2153 when Captain Jonathan Archer, Malcolm Reed, and Trip Tucker visited the place to meet the chemist B'Rat Ud. Many of them sold their goods including eggs, fabric, fish, animals, and other goods. (ENT: "Rajiin")

The female alien in the second picture is of the same species as the yellow-skinned dabo girl often seen on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The male alien in the eighth picture has a Kazon forehead. The 23rd pictured actor previously played an alien prisoner in the episode "Canamar".
According to actor Jared Patrick Cox there were about fifty background actors in these scenes. [1](X)

Nuvian slave girl

Slave girls

At least six alien women were for sale at the bazaar by an alien called Zjod. Among the females were a Nuvian, an Oran'taku, and four more alien females.

All humanoid, these females were mostly Caucasian, though one was dark-skinned. Three had prominent forehead ridges of various patterns, one had a group of bumps in a circular formation at the center of her forehead. One of the slave girls had long, pointed ears and green spots. (ENT: "Rajiin")

The makeup for the second pictured woman appears similar to that of a Boslic.

Tash's species visitor

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