Xantoras info
Rotational Period: 25 hours, 23 minutes, 2.2 seconds
Mean Solar Distance: 151,000,000 km
Diameter: 11,854 km
Equatorial Circumference: 33,127
Surface Area: Land: 34%, Ocean: 66%

Xantoras was an M class planet, the homeworld of the Xantoras. The planet was known for its geological formations, and historically unstable governments.


The Xantoras government had been known to change hands every few years for a long time prior to the 2150s. One particular government was in place in the late 2140s and early 2150s, welcoming many aliens on their planet.

The Denobulan government sent a team of three scientists to study rare and unique speleothems that had formed in large underground tunnels on the planet. Several weeks later (in 2153), however, the government which had been in power since the late 2140s was overthrown by a militant group. The members of the new militant group were xenophobic, and believed that aliens should not be allowed on the planet. The new government instituted a deadline for all off-worlders to leave or they would be imprisoned, and probably executed.

The Denobulan scientists were out of communication range when the new government took hold, which prevented the Denobulan Science Academy from contacting them. The nearest Denobulan starship was several days away, so the scientists asked Enterprise NX-01 to retrieve them.

While Enterprise was in orbit, the crew of an alien starship wanted to land their vehicle on the planet when the vessel's reactor breached. As the government was xenophobic, it turned the ship away even for emergency repairs. Enterprise agreed to dock with the craft and help with repairs and treating the injured.

Enterprise also sent an away team to climb down the large caverns to retrieve the stranded Denobulan scientists, given a three-day deadline. While this rescue attempt was ongoing, Xantoras from the previous government and the new government fought each other above the caverns. The members of the new Xantoras government told Enterprise they were taking care of the situation.

The Enterprise away team took a few hours more than the deadline, and on the way back to the ship, a Xantoras vessel fired on Enterprise. However, Commander Tucker believed it was just a "kick in the pants" intended to quicken the journey up to the ship.


Xantoras tunnels

The unique caverns on Xantoras

Xantoras was known among geologists as one of the finest collections of preserved specimens known. Its surface was covered with many large and varied mountains and canyons, even visible from orbit. But under the surface, the planet was even more noteworthy, as it contained thousands of kilometers of caves and cliffs, and many more were expected to exist, though, by 2153, they hadn't been mapped yet.

The Denobulan science team that was exploring these caves specifically went to the planet to study the largest condensed collections of speleothems known. They contained calcite, aragonite, and even botyroidal flowstones. The leader of the team, Yolen, believed that studying them would provide endless clues into preventing seismic disasters on Denobula. (ENT: "The Breach")

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