The Xindi-Insectoid shuttlecraft was a type of shuttlecraft carried aboard larger Xindi-Insectoid starships. Much of its power was routed to structural integrity, allowing it to operate in the atmosphere of a gas giant or underwater.

Enterprise recovered a Xindi-Insectoid shuttle in January 2154, while en route to the Azati Prime system. (ENT: "Hatchery")

The crew found the vessel difficult for a Human to fly; Travis Mayweather likened it to "steering an asteroid-runner with a bad axis coil." Mayweather and Charles Tucker III used the shuttle to enter the detection grid found in the Azati Prime system and take scans of the Xindi primary weapon. Later, Captain Jonathan Archer flew the shuttle in himself, carrying several photonic torpedoes in an effort to destroy the weapon. He and the ship were captured by Xindi forces. (ENT: "Azati Prime")

When first introduced in the final draft script of "Hatchery", this type of craft was referred to as "a two-man Insectoid ASSAULT SHUTTLE". The script also specified the vessel was to have a "cramped" cockpit.
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