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The Xindi Council was a major interstellar state in the Delphic Expanse and was founded as an alliance between the five surviving Xindi species following the Xindi Civil War in the mid-21st century. The Xindi Council's primary mission was to find a new homeworld for the Xindi, after the destruction of Xindus in the 2030s. (ENT: "The Xindi", "Stratagem")

In the final draft script of ENT: "Azati Prime", the organization was referred to as "the Xindi secret Council".


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The Council's founding was arranged by a race of extra-dimensional beings (later called the Guardians by the Xindi), to unite the five species and help them survive after destruction of Xindus. It was not realized, at the time, that the Guardians sought to use the Xindi as pawns in the Temporal Cold War, aiming to prevent the founding of the United Federation of Planets. (ENT: "The Council")

In the aired version of "Stratagem", Degra refers to the Council as having been formed "when" Xindus was destroyed. In that episode's final draft script, though, the Council was referred to as having been formed "after" the destruction of Xindus.

Conflict with Humanity[]

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In the late 2140s, the Guardians addressed the Council with fabricated evidence that Humans would destroy the new Xindi homeworld in the 26th century, and convinced the Council to authorize the construction of a massive weapon to be used to destroy Earth. (ENT: "Damage") The construction of a bio-weapon was also considered, but ultimately abandoned by the Council. (ENT: "Rajiin", "Carpenter Street")

Xindi weapon beam

Florida is ravaged by the prototype weapon

In late March or early April 2153, the prototype weapon conducted a test-firing on Earth, killing seven million Humans in Florida and Venezuela before self-destructing. Although the Xindi had intended their role in the attack to remain anonymous, Humanity was tipped off by the mysterious benefactor of the Suliban Cabal, himself a player in the Temporal Cold War. Starfleet subsequently dispatched the starship Enterprise NX-01 to make contact with the Xindi and end the conflict with whatever force necessary. (ENT: "The Expanse")

As the Humans searched for the weapon, the Council was barely able to keep the Reptilians and Insectoids from voting to destroy Enterprise. The patience of the Reptilians was decreased each time a failure occurred in the weapon project. (ENT: "The Xindi", "Proving Ground")

The Council finally broke in February 2154, when the Arboreals, Primates, and Aquatics voted to delay the launch of the completed weapon, based upon new evidence from Jonathan Archer. The Reptilians and Insectoids walked out of the Council, stealing the weapon on their own and attempting to launch it to Earth. (ENT: "The Council") Several deadly battles between the former allies resulted in the confirmation of Archer's story, the destruction of the weapon and nearly all of the Reptilian and Insectoid ships, and the return of the Expanse to normal space following the defeat of the Guardians. The Insectoids eventually joined the Arboreals, Aquatics, and Primates in reconvening the Council, and it was hoped that the Reptilian holdouts would eventually return as well. (ENT: "Countdown", "Zero Hour")


The Council consisted of two representatives from each Xindi race. As of early 2154, the Council representatives from each species were as follows:

The Insectoid councilor was named Shresht and the Primate's assistant Mallora in the novelization of The Expanse.

The Council chamber was located in a fortress on a planet colonized by the Avians in the 19th century BC. (ENT: "The Council")





According to the reference book Federation: The First 150 Years, the Council had joined the Federation by 2311.

Cryptic Studios' Star Trek Online development blog states that, though they were members of the Federation by 2410, they had remained isolated within the former Delphic Expanse for centuries. They emerged from hiding in that year to help the other major governments of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants battle the Iconians.

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