"She is a rather lovely female."
– Jean-Luc Picard, 2364 ("Code of Honor")

Yareena was the "First One" to the Ligonians Lutan and Hagon. She was a woman of wealth, which gave great power to any man that she married. She was Lutan's first one until 2364, when Lutan tried to have her replaced by Lieutenant Natasha Yar, whom he had kidnapped. As a point of honor, Yareena challenged Yar to a fight to the death. Lutan hoped Yar would kill Yareena, and he would have her wealth and Yar. She was "killed" by Yar but immediately revived by Dr. Beverly Crusher. As a result, her marriage to Lutan was dissolved and she took Hagon as her First One instead. (TNG: "Code of Honor")

Yareena was played by Karole Selmon.
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