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The Yatsura District was an administrative region on the planet Acamar III.

In 2313, Penthor-Mul, the leader of a Gatherer group, targeted the weapons supply depot in this district. Before the raid could commence, the Acamarian Federal Security apprehended Mul in Lornak City. A district court charged Mul with various criminal counts, including armed assault, second-degree murder, income tax evasion, and other serious crimes. Additional civil charges were filed by the district authorities against Mul. Before he could face trial, Mul died of cardiac arrest. An autopsy performed on him failed to find any cardiac inflammation which would account for the cardiac arrest.

In 2366, this district was mentioned in the police records, which were accessible to the crew of the USS Enterprise-D via the Acamarian planetary database (TNG: "The Vengeance Factor", okudagram)

This district was an in-joke reference to Urusei Yatsura.
For the remastered episode, the text was replaced entirely.
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