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[[Image:Krenim timeship exploding.jpg|thumb|right|Krenim temporal weapon ship exloding]]
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[[Image:Krenim timeship exploding.jpg|200px|Krenim temporal weapon ship exloding]]
| class="odd"|Series:|| class="even"|[[VOY]]
| class="odd"|Series:|| class="even"|[[VOY]]

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Krenim temporal weapon ship exloding

Original Airdate:1997-11-05
Production Number:176
Story by:Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky
Directed by:Allan Kroeker

An obsessed Krenim commander alters history to restore the Krenim Imperium at any cost; Voyager comes under constant attack by Krenim warships while trying to pass through their space, receiving major damage.



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47; astrometrics; Borg; Chakotay; chroniton; chroniton torpedo; Zefram Cochrane; Cray; crew quarters; The Doctor; emergency hand actuator; emergency rations; Emmanuel; escape pod; First Contact; force field; Garenor; Grid 005; hull breach; Harry Kim; Intrepid class; intruder alert; Kathryn Janeway; Krenim; Krenim Imperium; Krenim temporal weapon ship; Krenim warship; Kyana Prime; mess hall; Neelix; Tom Paris; parrises squares; Phoenix; M'Kota R'Cho; Rilnar; Seven of Nine; sickbay; spacetime continuum; Strickler; structural integrity field; tactile interface; temporal incursion; temporal shield; RMS Titanic; transverse bulkheads; tricorder; turbolift; Tuvok; Vassbinder; USS Voyager; Zahl

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