Krenim temporal weapon ship exloding

Original Airdate:1997-11-05
Production Number:176
Story by:Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky
Directed by:Allan Kroeker

An obsessed Krenim commander alters history to restore the Krenim Imperium at any cost; Voyager comes under constant attack by Krenim warships while trying to pass through their space, receiving major damage.


Blink of an Eye (Teaser)

It's a cheerful looking day on a Zahl colony with blue skies and lots of sunshine. It isn't long until the cheerfulness of the day is interupted by the appearance of a large starship in the atmosphere. A large beam appears from the ship and fires down at the city, launching a shockwave that eradicates everything in it's way. After it's all over, the city has completely disappeared and been replaced undisturbed nature. The colony has been completely erased from time.

On the Bridge of the Krenim starship, the executive officer, Obrist, reports to his commanding officer, Annorax, that the removal of the Zohl colony had changed history, but did not restore the Krenim Imperium. In order to restore the entire Imperium, Annorax decides that the entire Zohl culture has to be removed from history by removing the Zohl homeworld from time.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles... (Act One)

Onboard the USS Voyager, the senior staff are celebrating the inauguration of their new Astrometrics lab. On the expansive display is the Milky Way Galaxy, and Captain Kathryn Janeway gives the introduction to it's purpose, but she has no idea how it works. Seven of Nine explains this in how sensors measure the radioactive flux of the stars in the galaxy and use the information to determine their location in the galaxy. Due to this, Harry Kim and Seven of Nine were able to plot a new course to the Alpha Quadrant, which is overlaid onto the galaxy display. The new plot will save five years from the journey.

The inauguration is interupted when B'Elanna Torres notes a number of M-class planets on the course nearby. Seven zooms the display which reveals Spatial Grid 005, home of the Zohl. Chakotay thanks the senior staff for coming, but before they can all leave, the Doctor steps forth and begins reciting a very long speech with passion, even including quotes from Charles Dickens. However, halfway through his speech, the Doctor is interupted by a call from the Bridge which the staff greatly appreciate and promptly leave.

Background Information

  • The third-season episode "Before and After", in which Kes travels through time, gave a preview of this episode by showing a timeline in which Voyager had already been through the "Year of Hell". However, Kes' timeline is not related to any timeline seen in this episode, as she is obviously no longer aboard the ship.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Voyager's escape pods.

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