Yediq was the warden aboard a Nygean prison ship whose crew was rescued by USS Voyager in 2377. One of the prisoners, Iko, took The Doctor hostage, not realizing that he was a hologram. Tuvok arrived with Yediq, who said he would not negotiate with Iko. Iko was captured when Tuvok stunned him with a phaser.

He believed the prisoners under his control were no better than animals, and he treated them as such. This brought him into conflict with Captain Janeway on a number of occasions. When Neelix arrived to feed the prisoners, Yediq told him to take the food back because he felt that they did not deserve such an elaborate meal. He was overruled by Tuvok. Yediq had Iko almost beaten to death when the prisoner threatened to kill his family. His attitude was changed when Iko, who had been treated by The Doctor using Seven of Nine's nanoprobes, saved his life during an attempted jailbreak. The nanoprobes had not only healed Iko's injuries, but they also cured a congenital behavioral condition, which was the cause of Iko's anti-social behavior. During the jailbreak, a prisoner named Joleg took Yediq hostage and was going to kill him. Iko saved him, and Yediq helped him request an appeal of his death sentence, which was ultimately denied.

Yediq had two children, Boche and Ledara. (VOY: "Repentance")

Yediq was played by Tim de Zarn.
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