Yolad Belar was a Trill male, brother to Joran Belar. Yolad was a musician who graduated from the same music academy as Joran in the late 23rd century.

In 2371, Commander Benjamin Sisko, while visiting Trill, contacted Yolad to question him about his brother Joran. He revealed that Joran hosted the Dax symbiont for six months. He informed Benjamin Sisko that Joran was a murderer and the symbiont was given to him by mistake. In spite of Joran's murderous behavior, Yolad expressed his love for his brother while discussing the matter with Commander Sisko. The truth about Joran's joining was covered up by the Trill Symbiosis Commission. The suppression of the Belar memories almost caused the death of Jadzia Dax because her levels of isoboramine, a neurotransmitter that mediated synaptic functions between Jadzia and the Dax symbiont became dangerously low. (DS9: "Equilibrium")

Yorad Belar was played by Harvey Vernon.

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