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Yuri Z. Elvin (born 10 December) is an actor, director, and artist who portrayed MACO Private M. Romero in four episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. As a background performer, Elvin received no credit for his appearances. His costume and name tag were re-used from guest actor Marco Sanchez, who previously played Corporal M. Romero in the episode "The Xindi". More recently, Elvin portrayed a Starfleet security officer at the trial scene in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek. He was cast through Hollywood OS.

Elvin, a California native, is the son of artists Steve Elvin and Ana Victorson. He decided to make the same career and started drawing until the age of 23. In November 2007 he has returned into this occupation and so far illustrated a psychology book and sold several paintings.

Elvin received a BA in Film Studies from the UC Santa Barbara in 1996 and a MFA in Film Producing from the American Film Institute in 1998. He studied acting under Jody De Marcos and Scott Sedita at the June Chandler Studios and has experiences in producing, directing, set assistance, acting, and stunt performance.

On screen, Elvin has portrayed supporting roles in the short film La Torcedura (2004), Wim Wenders' drama Land of Plenty (2004, with Matthew Kimbrough and Kofi Yiadom), the comedy Adam & Steve (2005, with Thomas Kopache and stunt coordinator Christopher Doyle), Wim Wenders' drama Don't Come Knocking (2005, with Hugh Aodh O'Brien), two episodes of the daytime series Passions (2006, with stunt coordinator Harry Wowchuk), the horror comedy American Zombie (2007, with John Durbin), the television movie Solicit Behavior (2007, alongside fellow MACO Jason Collins), and more recently the thriller Under the Knife (2008).

Other occupations Elvin has worked in include set dressing (for the 2005 comedy Beauty Shop), assistant camera operator (for the 2003 television series The Blues), production manager (for the 2005 comedy Venus of the Halfshell), location manager (for 2001 movie Love & Support), set production assistant (for the 2005 television series Blind Justice), and more recently location assistant on the action comedy Double Duty (2008, with Anthony De Longis and Lisa Lord).

Elvin also served as first and second assistant director on several productions, including Psychotic (2002), the drama My Dauhter's Tears (2002), the drama Two Days (2003, with Adam Scott and Karl Wiedergott), the comedy L.A. Twister (2004, with Ray Proscia), the horror film The Hollow (2004, with Ben Scott and Natalia Nogulich), and more recently Corbin Bernsen's science fiction thriller Dead Air (2008, with Justin Rodgers Hall, Patricia Tallman, Randy Mulkey, and stunt coordination by Tom Morga) and the horror thriller Call Back (2008).

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