Cabot's name on the crew manifest

Zayra Cabot was a Starfleet officer in the 24th century.

She was a commercial transport passenger in 2328, when she was transported aboard the SS Manoa, which ferried her from Gamma Trianguli VI to Tarsus IV. Her special accommodations were a low gravity suite and a class N environment. Her passenger manifest was accessed by Lieutenant Commander Data aboard the USS Enterprise-D in 2370 by reviewing this data in the commercial transport database. (TNG: "Inheritance", okudagram)

In 2371, she was a crewmember aboard the USS Voyager. She was among the crew stranded in the Delta Quadrant, when Voyager was forcefully brought there by the Caretaker. In that year, her name was listed on a crew manifest. (VOY: "Projections")

This character was only mentioned in writing.
She was named after production associate Zayra Cabot.
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